God, The Master Composer and Conductor

Think of God as the composer and the orchestral director of a complex symphony.  God has written a symphony called Life, and He is directing his orchestra to play it.  His orchestra is generic man.  Each one of the orchestra’s skilled members produces his or her individual contribution to the complex performance.  The performance blends perfectly together under the direction of the all-knowing conductor and composer.  He originated and knows exactly the sounds and timing and rhythms which he directs his orchestra to play.  When each and every musician, generic man, is in tune with and knows the thought of the entire symphony and his individual role in performing it, then the performance, life, is perfect, beautiful!  This composer and conductor knows that His composition will unfold perfectly only when each and every member of the orchestra moves in exact coordination with His direction.  His perfect knowing of the symphony must harmonize and move in simultaneous timing with the actions of the orchestra.  And the members must know what He knows.  They must know it  as well as He knows it.  They must think and act in unison with the direction of their conductor.

Were the orchestra to have no director, or if the varied members of the orchestra were to be familiar with various similar renditions of what they thought was the same symphony, and were they to attempt to perform the symphony under such conditions, the results would be chaos.  The resulting sounds might occasionally fit together well enough to make the original music sometimes recognizable, but the performance would be neither perfect nor pleasing to the ears.  Neither would the composer and conductor be present to hear such a sorry counterfeit interpretation of His original and beautiful composition.

Is this not the general behavior of human beings,  operating in the supposed absence of God’s direction?  In order to experience the perfect unfoldment of the perfect symphony of life, must we not allow ourselves to be directed by the divine Mind?  Until we do, does not harmony come to our experience on a rather “hit and miss” basis?  Human beings live under the false belief that they are individually self directed, possessing a supposed individual ego.  To find harmony, mortals must learn to give up their own selfhood based on the false assumption of multiple and independent egos.   In Spirit, there is but one Ego, which is individually and eternally represented as generic man.   As we learn to coincide the human with the divine, not the human with the mortal, we learn step by step to be directed by divine Mind, and to know our place as  representatives of the one divine Ego.  In proportion as we honor our director and better know the music we have been assigned to play, chaos will diminish and will be replaced by harmony.  In order to experience natural spiritual harmony, we must drop the mortal ego, drop the sense of man as an independent entity apart from God, and gain a sense of the one divine Ego, man operating under the direction of God.  Then we learn that the human ego of man is not capable of performing anything.  It is God who “performs” man!  Let us look up for His direction and follow His lead!


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  1. Thanks for this. If someone who seem to be hardlucked asks you that based on God being the composer, could he be a triangle which is not so often used in the orchestra, what would you say?

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