Freedom and The Constitution of The United States of America

Let us all remember with a deep sense of gratitude the God-granted atmosphere of freedom of thought, freedom of religionfreedom of individual action, and freedom from tyranny, so well defined for us by our deeply religious and Christianly motivated Founding Fathers.  That immortal and absolute document called The Constitution of The United States of America recounts the inalienable rights granted to us by God and not by men. 

Let us take care to reverently honor and revere with the greatest possible solemnity each and every provision of individual liberty rehearsed in its Bill of Rights.   To trespass upon these rights in any way would be to dishonor the very intentions of the Founding Fathers, who made possible for the first time in world history an environment of truly free thought.  Without this unique atmosphere of freedom, what I understand to be the world’s savior, and my savior, the Christ- promised Comforter, Christian Science, would not be with us today.  And neither would a significant number of other uniquely American religious movements be present today, upon which the very moral stability of our nation is built.  Though moral strength and freedom appear to be threatened, let us remember that what God has granted can never be removed.   God bless America, for it will stand eternally in its spiritually based foundation.

May we never fail to honor and respect the intentions of the Founding Fathers of these great United States of America.



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5 comments on “Freedom and The Constitution of The United States of America

  1. Let Freedom Ring!!!!
    Very well stated! Thank you Stirling for sharing your thoughts and feelings!
    May the peoples of this wonderful God filled country in which we reside, hold tightly to The Constitution of The United States of America! May we UNITE to protect our God given rights, against all odds, and adversaries!

  2. I remember all too well being told that the reason we were blessed with Christian Science was because in America we are free to express ourselves. Therefore, Mary Baker Eddy, our beloved Leader could establish this absolutely beautiful religion. Yes, God Bless America and, no, what God has given us, the comforter, Christian Science, can never be taken away since it is based on our Spiritual Foundation….Eternal Mind, God, Spirit, Life, Truth, Principal, Soul, and Love keep us safe no matter what so called mortal mind wishes to accomplish….it can accomplish nothing since nothing is all that it is. Thank you Sterling for all your wonderful posts and insight for inspiration. I so appreciate your work. God Bless you and God Bless America.

  3. I agree with your other commentators, thank you Stirling for another excellent reminder. Let us acknowledge also, that while freedom of thought was and is pivotal, to our country’s progress, the freedom for a woman to write and publish in her own name, buy and hold property in her own name, establish a religious movement, build a church, publish an international daily newspaper, etc., could not have occurred except in our country’s democracy. And this is cause for deep gratitude. I mention this however, because this week we have witnessed brutal, forced gang raping of women and as long as this kind of gender bias is acceptable in the minds of men, we have more work to do, in our country’s thinking and behavior as well as in the world at large.

  4. I also agree with you and the previous commentators. It is really true in my country Argentina as well as in Venezuela, Ecuador and Bolivia, not so much in Chile and Uruguay.
    In fact the argentinian constitution (1853) is based in the US one, and also recognizes inalienables rights granted by God. But the actual government is trying to change the constitution which I believe is resisted for the majority of the thinking citizens.

  5. Thank you all! Even if you have not yet commented! Our Constitution is eternal by design, with the exception of the important provision that was made to allow for amendments to it as the need has been recognized over the past 200 years, and counting. That purposeful design has provided for a number of significant reforms which have further enhanced the God-sanctioned freedoms which Americans increasingly enjoy. This progressing and growing extension of freedom and individual liberty reflects the gradual advancement and elevation of human thought to a level more closely approximating the divine.

    Witness the eradication of slavery, and the recognition of civil rights for women and and all descriptions of citizens, which have been affirmed by amendment. We must now remain on careful and constant guard that new human laws enacted in our future society, and the enforcement of its existing laws, indeed continue to promote the expansion of, rather than limit, our God-granted liberties and rights.

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