Divine Love and The Father’s Business

The Father’s Business

Christian Science is the action of divine Love made visible to humanity.  The perfectly coordinated actions of every divine idea interact with every other divine idea via the intelligent design of Mind.  The beauty of that perfect coordination eternally taking place in Spirit, is represented by Love.  The design of Love is seen in the interlaced and harmoniously interconnected actions of the divine Mind, always harmoniously cooperating.  This is no coincidence!  Our task is to see that clearly through the lens of Christian Science.

The perfect coordination of the complex interactions of the divine Mind IS divine Love, illustrated.  No interactions of God’s ideas can be less than perfectly coordinated, except in false mental supposition.  In the unreal realm of mortal mind, every factor is reversed.  There, coordination is seen as un-coordination,  harmony is seen as discord, etc.

Mortal mind presents supposed and insubstantial inversions of God‘s ideas, temporal and discordant belief.  In contrast, the divine Mind eternally presents its own known, substantial, harmonious truths.  The human mind imagines both of these opposing circumstances to be present alongside each other.  The human-mind realm of thought is dualistic.  The divine realm is monistic, God, Spirit, being All-in-all.  Christian Science reveals mortal mind as the realm of mental supposition, as an unreal and imagined dream-world of material supposition.

The Father’s business is all of the eternal action of the divine Mind, witnessed by man.

Misc 294: 6

 “A real Christian Scientist is a marvel, a miracle in the universe of mortal mind.  With selfless love, he inscribes on the heart of humanity and transcribes on the page of reality the living, palpable presence – the might and majesty!- of goodness.  He lives for all of mankind, and honors his creator.” – Mary Baker Eddy

All of the Father’s business is described by divine Love.  Divine Love is the awareness of the eternal unfoldment of harmonious Truth, unfolding in an action of beautifully directed Principle, directed by the intelligence of Mind, in the consciousness defined by Soul, in the all encompassing atmosphere of universal Spirit, and being the very breath of all of Life!  The Father’s business is Love.  God is Love.


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  1. Hi Stirling !
    Nice post.
    So, the task is always the same.
    As we acknowledge that God, Love, is All in All, and then reverse the seeming discordant situations that material living presents, in the same way we must reverse the concept of un coordination or discordant sequences in circumstances or conditions. I think that we should open our thoughts to conceive a major harmony than we can see or even imagine. The synchronicity that several times one experiences. Thanks a lot.

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