Deception – Evil’s Only Justification

God is Love. God fills all possible space as “incorporeal divine, supreme, infinite Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, Love.” (Mary Baker Eddy, S&H p 465:9) Evil has therefore only the credibility and influence of deception. There can be no evil entity because God is infinite. What does infinite mean? It means that nothing else exists. There is no possible space for an external entity to exist in if that space is already filled with the substance of God. A full bucket cannot be added to. As Jesus said, the devil is “a liar and the father of it” (John 8:44). This means that the liar who claims to be Satan is lying in his very claim to be Satan. There is no substantiality in evil. Its claim to having substance or identity is pure deception. Furthermore, to believe that Satan is an entity who possesses self-granted power is a sin in itself. “Thou shalt have no other gods before me” is the First of the Commandments found in Exodus 20. What is a god? Satan becomes by definition a false god as soon as we falsely recognize or grant power to him in our human thought.

Another approach of human reasoning suggests that God Himself is responsible for the presence of evil or Satan. Evil, Satan, a concept which is the direct opposite of God, can obviously not have its source in God. Can all-inclusive loving God create His opposite? “Doth a fountain send forth at the same place both sweet water and bitter?” (James 3:11) There are two possible points of view: 1. Either God is infinite and all- powerful, or 2. He is not. There are no other possible points of view. Including or inserting a second opposing power into a universe already infinitely filled up with good, and created by God ,is as impossible as is adding more to an already full bucket. As soon as you add a Satan-concept to a universe already complete and consisting of the infinite substance of God, you automatically remove the concept of infinite presence! You would be saying that God’s power is not complete, because there is something that could oppose it! Logical reasoning reveals that both options 1 and 2 cannot be true. The only logical option is 1 OR 2. Which should we choose?

Human experience insists that this reasoning is all wrong. Human experience claims the presence of evil. What is its evidence? Its evidence is the human senses, not divine authority. The two key words are “claim” and “evil”. Let’s take this claim apart logically, by substitution.
Our human experience claims the presence of evil. By substitution of Jesus’ definition of evil, our human experience claims the presence of “a liar and the father of it”. So, when evil claims to come into our presence, we must always be aware that not only is it lying, but that that the source of the lie is just as invalid as the lie itself! Remember that the already admitted nature of evil, its claim of validity, is based only on pure deception.
When we clearly understand that the only seeming entity of evil is its deceptive lying claim to even exist, then we can begin to analyze every experience that comes to our human consciousness. Through this analysis, we can eject evil from our life. Evil is deception. When our human consciousness is deceived, the primary characteristic of being deceived is this – we believe that whatever we feel happening to our human senses is real and substantial, even though the thing we are experiencing may only be deception. We insist of course, that this is impossible and that we are not being deceived, because we trust what the senses are falsely telling us. Evil is quite subtle in its deception. It hides its true nature by presenting itself in disguise, claiming to be necessary and insisting that it is valid. When its deception is successful, we naturally will believe that the evil we feel is every bit as real as every other part of our life. In fact, we will vehemently insist (mistakenly) that evil is a real and valid part of our experience. This is the devil’s ultimate deception! How do we rid ourselves of this almost perfect deception?

We start by analyzing every thought, by mentally analyzing the presentation of every experience that comes into our human consciousness. We begin with an awareness that the deceptions of evil are regular components of what we as humans automatically accept as reality through the human senses and through human thought processes. As the manifestations of an all loving God, we have a choice and a divine right to reject that from our lives which does not have its origin in God, Love. We choose and reject by watching and controlling our thought.

You may ask, “How do these ideas translate to every day practicalities?” Let’s take for example the threat of a contagious sickness. Uninformed human thought is not aware of the control which it holds over the human experience. When it hears about a contagious disease, its first reaction is to be afraid of it, and to try to keep away from its physical presence because of that fear. But, when you first hear about the threat, you have the power and the right to analyze whether the situation is a deception or a reality. You have the divine right to question its authority and to reject its falsely assumed power. This is done by mental analysis. You must first be firm in your understanding that God, Love, is supreme and infinite. Therefore, where could a contagious disease fit into this realm? It cannot. A contagious disease does not have its source in God. It claims to cause man to be sick, to feel bad. Is this the intention of a loving God? When you realize that God’s intention is only for you to express Love and to be useful, you have uncovered the deceptive character of this evil of contagion. Once a claim like this has been recognized as deceptive in nature, its evil has been revealed. Thus it is rendered powerless when it is rejected from thought.

This is only one of infinitely many hypothetical examples. We all have the power to analyze every situation in our human experience, and to determine when we are being deceived. We must take care not to accept everything that comes to our human senses at face value. Instead, we must be on guard that we are not being deceived. Because deception, by its very nature insists that it is valid!


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