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Phone:   417-250-0279    Though his is a  Missouri number, I am now  in the Eastern Time Zone.  If I cannot answer and my mailbox is full, please email. 


Skype Address:  stirling.watts


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  1. Hello:

    As to your question about publishing some of my poems on your site,the answer is yes, go ahead publish as much, as often,wherever you wish. i have 5 books of poetry published so far. But i’ve used none of it here. This stuff is all newbies. Its hard to keep up with everything going on even though most of this just writes itself.
    Now as to the Christianity i adhere to is basically; Gnostic, but it seems that buddhism is dearest to my heart. But here is a piece i wrote a few years ago that i consider one my best:

    The Kingdom Of Heaven

    The kingdom of G_D resides within your heart
    It comprises the good deeds you do and are then silent about
    The kingdom of heaven is mercy and justice and compassion
    It is the underlying theme of the highest principle of our edification; unconditional love

    The kingdom of heaven is a seed of light within that only you can bring forth to birth
    For it is how you follow truth as you walk the path of the golden rule
    It is when you eschew anger in the face of rage
    It is how you reject materialism and self-indulgence as one instead embraces self-sacrifice

    The kingdom of heaven is boundless borderless yet encased in grace
    No one is chosen nor kept out since one and all are welcome without bias or favoritism
    For this kingdom has neither gates nor doors nor walls no admission fee
    It is accessed by the waking of your soul

    You then walk free into the kingdom of G_D
    If you break the bonds of the imprisoned
    If you speak out for the voiceless, strive for the oppressed and interfere for the victimized
    When you witness and testify with impartiality those who argue with the sword

    As you love thy enemy to be more than just a friend, to be your brother
    When you advocate for the neglected and abused
    As you love one another beyond just your illusory blood-ties
    You are within the heart of heaven

    As you own nothing but the borrowed breath of your lungs
    As you take no more than the need
    As your desires dissipate into nothingness
    You are living in the kingdom of heaven

    When you transform a tear into laughter
    When you resolve a quarrel with reason nourished by empathy
    When you resist not evil by not feeding it
    You exist in the kingdom of heaven

    When your taught to see by the blind
    When you learn from the innocent
    That true happiness is never found in the pursuit of self-gratification hedonism nor capitalism
    It is rather the choice of action to an exemplary purpose & commitment to an altruistic cause
    This fidelity becomes the caliper of your faith, which is the measure of your worth
    You threupon become the kingdom of G_D

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