Until this morning I could not see the metaphysical rationale for Jesus’ various demonstrations of walking on water, walking through walls, immediate deplacement from mid- lake to lake-shore in the blink of an eye and his ascension.
But the key to the quandary came in one word : confinement.

Why is “ confinement “ such a big metaphysical deal ? Well, to my sense of things it is the modus operandi of evil. It is the atmosphere of evil in that it represents the mental straightjacket the human mind operates with.

It was only this morning I realized how much confinement operates in human experience. We feel confined in a human body, we feel confined by our human personalities, we feel confined in time and we feel confined in space, we feel restricted in resources and intelligence. In fact confinement more than anything else is the principle parameter of our humanity.

It has now become clear to me that Jesus had a totally unconfined sense of being. He did not feel confined in any respect. Why ? I think it has to be because his consciousness being God could not be confined.

It is clear that the Mind of God could never feel confined. And since Jesus was at one with His Father then his mind could not operate like that either.

In order to really see the impact of this amazing truth , and irrespective of how uncomfortable we may feel about the implications, let us examine the full implication of the confinement syndrome in our experience.

The whole human experience is predicated on confinement in one form or another. In order to really experience the full diapason of Spirit we have to abandon any sense of confinement. And yet we feel confined by our personalities, we appear to be confined in time and space ( you can start to see now how Jesus broke this mesmerism) our finances appear confined and our resources of Joy and advancement seem equally confined. In fact every part of our human lives smacks of confinement. And how often do we make the judgement that others are confined by certain traits of personality and their ethnicity. We determine that their minds, their reactions and their attitudes are confined in some way when, surprise , surprise, given the nature of the Mind they are using this cannot be true.

I experienced an extraordinary unconfined moment of Christ-like knowing this morning when I realised that I was not confined to Coppet , Switzerland on March 22nd 2013. And yet this is exactly what the accepted norm is. We are confined in time , space and location.

I think we can all begin to see now how Jesus was able to achieve the deplacements in time and space he managed. He had absolutely no sense of being confined. Neither would he allow human circumstances to dictate “ confinement” to him. We have several instances in the bible of how that translated into human experience . In one case we see the Philip the disciple suddenly appear at the carriage of the eunuch in charge of the Queen of Sheba’s treasure. And being whisked away again just as promptly. At one point when Jesus was with his disciples in a boat mid-lake they suddenly found themselves at the lake side.

It is not that God is without a sense of humor on such questions. I remember some 20 years ago asking out loud why I could not be teleported from Geneva to New York at the blink of an eye to be firmly told “ At the moment the shock would kill you”. Before these things can happen it does help to understand the metaphysical principle which affects such things and thereby facilitate their occurrence.
Mrs Eddy has written a wonderful paragraph which touches this subject in Misc Writings 189:15. “ The supposition that Soul, or Mind is breathed into matter is a pantheistic doctrine that presents a false sense of existence and the quickening spirit takes it away revealing in place thereof, the power and perfection of a released sense of Life in God and Life as God.”

Now look at the paragraph in with the optic of unconfined being “ The supposition that Soul or Mind is confined within the human body is a pantheistic doctrine that presents a totally confined sense of existence and the quickening, unconfined spirit takes it way revealing in place thereof, the power and perfection of an unconfined sense of Life in God and Life as totally unconfined”.

Your Mind which is Mind is not going to act as Mind as long as you have any sense of things being confined in any manner.

Evil being evil would seek to maintain this sense of confinement because as long as this sense persists then we remain slaves to personal sense. We often find ourselves being being confronted with problems . What is really at stake is not to heal the problems but to avoid the inevitable sense that such things can confine us in any way. A challenge of failing eyesight or hearing or mobility is not really an attack on our health but an invitation to us to feel confined in some way. Personal sense and animal magnetism have their claws in us if we feel confined. When we reject the sense of confinement such challenges bring then healing can occur.

There is a remarkable testimony of how God’s unconfined sense of being when sensed by humanity frees man from the most dire of circumstances. In his book “ The Heavenly Man “ by Brother Yun the Chinese evangelist
explains how he was put in a Chinese prison and had his legs broken to stop him escaping. One day another Christian within the prison tells him it is his time to leave. He starts crawling towards the prison gates. Nobody sees him leave. By the time he reaches the outer gates he is completely healed and able to take a taxi to friends. The taxi driver cannot remember where he took him.

So if you want to walk on water, have unlimited resources, heal any impediment just live and love your unconfined sense of being. You will find your Christ. And make sure you sell your airline stocks. If this understanding becomes universal , the airlines will go out of business !


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One comment on “CONFINEMENT, ASCENSION AND DEPLACEMENT by Anthony Whitehouse CS

  1. WOW !!!!
    First the true place and now the confinement. Huge series of study.
    Confinement is exactly the specific word that beats me and wake the worst feelings when confronted with problems or delays. But I never realized the importance of thinking and living an unconfined sense of being. Thank you so much for the wonderful tool that the understanding of this word provides to me to overcome confinemet.

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