Compassionate Healing and the Ego


On pages 364 and 365 of Science and Health with Key to The Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy,  is a paragraph about the need for compassion in healing.  It includes this statement beginning on 365:7

“The benign thought of Jesus, finding utterance in such words as “Take no thought for your life,” would heal the sick, and so enable them to rise above the supposed necessity for physical thought-taking and doctoring;  but if the unselfish affections be lacking, and common sense and common humanity are disregarded, what mental quality remains, with which to evoke healing from the outstretched arm of righteousness?”

I thought about that and pondered it.  I wondered what it means.  I wondered what Jesus was saying when he said we are to actually take no thought for our lives.  Here are a few comments.

Christian Science explains that your actual life is in Christ, and that it is really perfectly attuned to Christ. The fog of human life obscures this fact, and this is why life seems so full of bad events and negativity.  All of that turmoil has absolutely no connection with God.  It is all the product of false, human, and mortal thinking.  Evil, though, is quite often mistakenly credited to God, if only for the lack of another explanation.  In Christian Science we learn to implement the encouraging fact that your Christ-life is your real  life. And that it is the perfect and exact manifestation of the action of God!  It is metaphorically the reflection in God’s mirror.  God is the actor, the Holy Ghost, or divine Science, is the action, and you are the recipient, the visibility of that action.  You could not be any closer or more similar to God than you already are at this moment.

Sin is simply the false recognition of any power without a source in God.  Though it seems quite natural, it is therefore sinful to take the position that the mortal you – yourself, as you may think of yourself as an independent thinking human being – can be the author of any action at all . This is because your real and spiritual identity IS identical with God’s identity!  So, such a position of human selfhood is only vanity.  In the human realm, you, the mortal, are the author of human action, but this has nothing at all to do with God.  It is therefore invalid, because God is already all-inclusive.  Such a selfhood has no real realm in which to exist, even though it falsely but loudly claims to be the very selfhood of your identity. To your mortal self it feels perfectly valid to have an independent human ego.  But, in God’s view, this would be metaphorically equivalent to God’s reflection in the mirror believing that it is doing something different from what God is doing.  This idea reinforces the need for humility, putting meekness in a brand new light.

When you understand  the correct view that you are the product of God ‘s knowing of His infinite beauty and perfection, then your actions are really God’s actions. Then you are knowing your Christ-identity. Jesus always did a perfect job at this. We are all still learning.


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  1. I really enjoyed this article…especially the part about what God is doing. I am so thankful to have somewhere to go and read fresh like minded thoughts. God brought me here. Best regards, colleen

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