Commentary on Anita Moorjani Interviews

Anita Moorjani was healed of cancer through spiritual revelation.  For links to televised interviews with Anita about her experience and new spiritual direction, go to the Helpful Links Tab.

Using terminology which reflects the culture of her own religious background, the idyllic and perfect state of mind which Anita Moorjani. describes came to her most powerfully in what seemed to be her darkest hour. As such, the perception of it saved her from death and brought healing through a new understanding and a radically different and improved view of existence. Anita’s point is that this awareness is available and present to everyone, to each of us, here and now. This kind of awareness is the realization of the closeness of God for which Christians yearn, albeit often unawares.

In terms more familiar to Christians, the state of Mind which Anita describes is the awareness of the presence of God, as Jesus described when he said “the Kingdom of God within you” As St. Paul described when he said “Behold, now is the time…” As John advised when he said “Behold what manner of love the Father has bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of God: therefore the world knoweth us not, because it knew him not. Beloved, now are we the sons of God, and it doth not yet appear what we shall be……” This elevated awareness of life itself as the direct reflection of the action of divine Love, God, reveals that we ARE the sons and daughters of God, now, just as John also clearly perceived.

This is not just an interesting and fascinating observation which someone else had. This awareness IS the Truth that heals, now. It IS the answer and solution to disease. It presents to us an entirely different understanding of disease than that which human thinking presents. Instead of treating disease as a powerful entity, it classifies disease in the realm and category of the mentally unreal, where its only possible source is human error – misunderstanding of life. This awareness is the Love that IS, and which comprises our being. It is the beauty of life that is hidden by human thinking. It is NOT the far off and separate realm that human thought insists upon, but is instead present here, now.  It is more real than anything that we ever imagine within the physical realm. Our physical realm is created only to our senses through the limitations of distorting and erroneous human thought. When we immerse our daily lives in human thought, we distort the actual reality and infinite perfect nature of our being as God’s direct reflection. We erroneously introduce a false conviction of the presence of limitations, states of the perception of being that are completely divorced from the perfect and already present state of being in which we actually reside.

This state of thought does NOT depend upon death in order to be realized in experience! Death is but the ultimate falsity of the distorted human experience of thought. Human life has actually nothing to do with spiritual heavenly existence, and is only a falsified counterfeit of heavenly life. What MUST die is the false, mortal, limited point of view. This is the death that will reveal reality. Anita’s experience proves the present possibility of the death of the false view without the death of the body, within this realm of earthly experience.

I believe Jesus’ death and resurrection to have been God’s ultimate proof of the presence of heavenly experience on earth. The crucifixion appeared at first to kill Jesus, but he proved otherwise. He appeared resurrected with the very same body that had been crucified, but in a perfect state of mind. In this perfect probationary state of mind , Jesus demonstrated complete control over what appeared to others as limitation. Time and space were no longer barriers to him. He could appear instantly in the presence of others at will. So perfect was the erasure of human limitation to his consciousness through the resurrection, that following this brief period he arose from the sight of humans into a state that can only be perceived by our own mental elevation. This is heaven.

Of course many will disagree with me, and do not believe this. To each his own. For me, the adoption of this understanding has brought a more harmonious existence and a stronger desire and motivation to do and be good. I has brought to me the desire to live life in a new and joyous way, and an increased ability to realize good for others as well as for myself. You can only try it on for size and see how it fits.



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