C.S. Lewis and the Case Against Scientism. A Video and Commentary.

In the following commentary I took the liberty of borrowing a few words and phrases from the video, but the overall content and the point I wish to convey are my own.  Here is the referenced video:



This video is thought provoking – at least to the individual who is not already under the influence of the very method of controlling thought described here! Science is in need of being rescued from the elitist attitude of scientists. Current thought patterns about science encourage an unthinking and selfish desire to control the masses in its name — a dangerous and erroneous totalitarian elitist impulse. The irrational worshiping of science encourages belief in the need for government in the name of a state of science — science which has grown to be viewed by society at large as sacred and holy. The world must grow to understand that the possession of materially scientific understanding, knowledge and training does not grant the possessor the right to dictate a new morality to the rest of society. We are NOT all stupid because we do not study the same science or possess the same material knowledge as material scientists. A personal point of view, popular as it may be, is not necessarily correct on account of either many material observations or popular agreement and belief. And we all must learn to share the same world and universe.

Selfish scientific elitism is behind the modern push towards the popularization of atheism and agnosticism and the public ridicule of religion in the name of “science” and “common sense”. To be truly beneficial to society, science needs to be rescued from such attitudes, held both by scientists and by their worshipers. In this manner could, and should, science’s own self-imposed limitations be lifted, and science could then actually begin to lift and benefit mankind in ways yet unseen.

To break free of this spell, it needs to be made publicly clear, and it needs to be more generally understood, that there really is a larger and transcendent sphere surrounding what we call science. What would that be? That would be the one divine Principle, God. Such understanding would reveal what the author believes to be “common sense”, namely, the fact that we are NOT just blind matter in random motion. How could we be? Is THAT “common sense?”

Like all subtle influence, scientific elitism is contagious to the unguarded thought. Unchallenged, it leads to the appearance of benevolent sounding, but evil and dangerous ethical and moral tendencies. How can we prevent something apparently good which is done with the best of intentions from being ultimately twisted for evil ends?

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