Truth IS the Foundation of Metaphysics, Part 3 of 3

Continuation from part 2

But wait!

Thinkers at this point might be saying to themselves, “But wait!  Who could this man be who takes supposition to be the Truth?  Did we not already admit unreservedly that man is the full and complete image and likeness of God?  Certainly God knows the invalidity of supposition, does He not?” (He certainly does!)  “God made man incapable of misinterpreting supposition as reality, yet here I am, doing just that, living a life in which good and evil, truth and error seem to be equally valid and in simultaneous operation.  Does not this observation blow all of the previous propositions right out of the water?”

No, it does not, for this human observation which sees the operation of error as valid, must be deceptive.  Evil’s primary characteristic is its convincing deception.  The deception of evil is but a negative mockery of the actual and infinite authority of Truth.  There is still another key to the puzzle to be seen before all of the pieces of the explanation of being begin to fall into place.

The man who mistakes supposition for reality is not God’s man.  There is only one valid man, and he is the man of God, who knows nothing but Truth, and therefore also knows the supposition of God’s opposite nature to be invalid.  That valid spiritual man is our real identity.  Of course human beings are quite sure that they are capable of experiencing evil.  After all, from a human perspective our senses present evil to us continually.

Stay on the spiritual track

To consciously realize truth we must mentally stay on the spiritual track, and avoid the human track.  To experience both good and evil is impossible from the spiritual perspective of God’s all-inclusive realm, given the logically proven fact that only Truth is valid, perfect, and eternal,  and therefore that the opposite of Truth, error, or evil, is invalid, imperfect, and temporal.  If Truth is, then error, evil, is not.

Christian Science explains that the man whom we believe to be experiencing both good and evil, the Adam man described in the second account of creation in Genesis, is himself merely a temporary mental suppositionHe is a counterfeit man, a man who in the eyes of God, is not.  He is the untrue erroneous perception of man whom God continually exterminates by virtue of His omnipotent presence.  One of my favorite and often referred to paragraphs from Science and Health talks about this extermination and confirms this discussion:  (469:13)

“The exterminator of error is the great truth that God, good, is the only Mind, and that the supposititious opposite of infinite Mind – called devil or evil – is not Mind, is not Truth, but error, without intelligence or reality.   There can be but one Mind, because there is but one God; and if mortals claimed no other Mind and accepted no other, sin would be unknown.  We can have but one Mind, if that one is infinite.  We bury the sense of infinitude, when we admit that, although God is infinite, evil has a place in this infinity, for evil can have no place, where all space is filled with God.”

The mortal man whom human beings believe themselves to be is therefore not the representation of God, but is the inversion of God’s reflection, a counterfeit man.  In the eyes of God, the only valid eyes by definition of Truth, mortal man is not.  He is merely an erroneous conception of identity.  This in-version of man whom we have been so thoroughly convinced by worldly education and experience to be ourselves, is not.  The conception of our identity which experiences both good and evil, is to God non-existent.  He is known to God only as a false supposition.

A liar and the father of it

The assumed origin of mortal man is rooted in the lie that the supposition of the opposite of that which is, and in reality is not, is!  Restated:  A lie is not.  It cannot be turned into is.  The father of the counterfeit man whom we know as mortal man, is a lie – the lie that a man who can falsely interpret supposition as the truth, is.    Mortal man is a liar who voices lies as his own inverted so-called truth!

Jesus said in John 8:44

 “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.”


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Truth IS the Foundation of Metaphysics, Part 2 of 3

continued from Part 1

Where the human mind gets itself into trouble

The human mind processes misrepresented experience as soon as it consciousness incorrectly entertains the concept of supposition.  Supposition is the conscious consideration of that which is not, in contrast to knowing, which is the consideration of that which is.  We can suppose something to be, or we can know something to be. That which we know, is Truth.  That which we suppose is imagined, and is not.   In everyday human experience we can easily identify a number of supposed subjects which are freely admitted to have no real validity or impact upon our lives.  Dreams, either waking or sleeping, imaginations, fictional characters and dialogues, all are admittedly pure supposition, and we freely recognize them and treat them as such.

Who supposes?  Is God’s man capable of supposition?  Spiritual man is so capable only in terms of knowing the supposition as supposition rather than as a false reality.  God’s man knows supposition as invalid, for he, being God’s very appearance and conscious manifestation, is endowed with the full reflection of the natural ability to know only that which is, that which reflects Truth.  Therefore he knows that that which is not is supposition, for that which is not, is not Truth, but is Truth’s opposite, error.  It is therefore insubstantial and invalid, and God’s man knows it as such.  Consequently, we can read a fictional book, watch a film or a play, imagine magical and fantastic circumstances, all while fully awake.  We know the contents of all such operations to be but supposition.

The tree of the knowledge of good and evil

Human experience becomes troubling when the line is consciously blurred between knowing and supposing.  In human consciousness deluded by the influence of false belief, supposing and knowing, good and evil, seem to become intertwined and simultaneously occurring with the appearance of conscious reality.  This mental situation is described in the second creation in the garden of Eden.  Genesis 2:9 tells of two trees,

 “the tree of life also, in the midst of the garden, and the tree of knowledge of good and evil”.

In explanation of that verse on page 526 of Science and Health, Mrs. Eddy writes

“God pronounced good all that He created, and the Scriptures declare that He created all.  The ‘tree of life’ stands for the idea of Truth, and the sword which guards it is the type of divine Science. The ‘tree of knowledge’ stands for the erroneous doctrine that the knowledge of evil is as real, hence as God-bestowed, as the knowledge of good.  Was evil instituted through God, Love?  Did He create this fruit-bearer of sin in contradistinction of the first creation? “

Can knowledge of truth and its opposite, error, evil, lies, really interact within the ALLNESS of Truth, and this within the ALLNESS which includes only the Truth?  Can that which is not operate with validity alongside that which is?  A positive answer to either question would create a self evident contradiction, and that is exactly what human life experience is.  To human sense, good and evil, the real and the unreal, truth and error, the spiritual and the material, appear to cooperate and work in unison.  But how can that which is, Truth, include that which is not, error?  It cannot. To spiritual sense, and in the light of logic, this is impossible.  Yet human experience insists that opposite qualities do cooperate with each other.  What gives here?

What is really going on in human experience?

Clearly, human experience, in order to be able to seemingly include error, that which is not, in its perception of consciousness, and take it to be a reality, is experiencing only a supposition that it is possible to experience the simultaneous appearance of both good and evil –  the simultaneous operation of that which is, alongside that which is not, but which this erroneously driven deluded supposition of human consciousness, called in Christian Science mortal mind , falsely calls that which is, through the application of lying false belief.

Those coming from an orthodox perspective see immediately that the perspective of Christian Science – which stands firmly upon the premise of the omnipotence and omnipresence of a good God as All-in-all, comprising all cause and all effect as existing in one infinity – is not in conformance with historically accepted human standards of religious thought.

Indeed, neither was the foundational nature of the Christ, which Jesus so distinctly exposed to the world through his teaching and humanly miraculous acts, in conformance with accepted societal standards of then contemporary Judaism.   As in ancient times, present day conventional theological thought, modern medical thought, and what has come to be called modern psychological thought, all insist that the entire presentation of human consciousness is valid at face value, and that it therefore must be God’s reality.

Christian Science disagrees.  It clears up the view by logically revealing, and proving by healing demonstration, that human consciousness falsely introduces a misperception of reality.  Human consciousness includes the false belief of mental supposition, based upon the testimony of the material senses, which present only the mental reversal or negation of God’s already complete and perfect work.  Then it takes the entire presentation, both positive and negative, and calls it reality, thereby falsely pinning the workings of evil upon an infinitely good God .  The explanations of Christian Science reveal that the human consciousness lives under a false conviction. It lives under a conviction of the reality of the supposed opposite of God’s perfection, error and evil.  Given the admitted nature of infinity, that God is All-in-all, this is an impossible standpoint.

But wait!  Who could this man be who takes supposition to be Truth?  Is he God’s man?  Please read on in  Part 3!


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Truth IS the Foundation of Metaphysics. Part 1 of 3 parts

The single most significant word

“Truth” is perhaps the single most significant word in the vocabulary of metaphysics.  Truth is the very basis of reality.  That which is true, is. Truth exists independently of any state or stage of human consciousness witnessing its being.  Truth exists independently of any observed material state.  Whether a human consciousness seems to be spiritually lost, or partially aware of Truth, or fully aware of Truth, Truth still stands independently, untouched and unaffected by the judgments of any human observer – and that is because there is only one real conscious observer.  That one observer observes through the one and only divine consciousness, the consciousness of the one Mind, God, Himself.  That observer is individualized spiritual man, who is not to be confused with his suppositional opposite, mortal man.  Mortal man and spiritual man seem to operate simultaneously in human consciousness, a realm of thought in which it is believed that more exists than just Truth.  How could that be?  The only possible correct witness to Truth must stand upon a foundation of Truth itself.  That foundation may be glimpsed in, but is far above, the  human sense of consciousness.  Human consciousness witnesses Truth and error, Truth and Truth’s opposite.  God, good, Truth, being all, how can both of these opposites be valid? If a witness to Truth were to be founded in error or illusion, it would naturally report a falsified version of Truth.   This would be absurd and impossible.  On page 472 of the Christian Science textbook, Mary Baker Eddy, the discoverer and founder of Christian Science writes

“If error were true, its truth would be error, and we should have a self-evident absurdity — namely, erroneous truth.”

To know our experience as God’s spiritual man, as God made manifest in action and being, is to experience Truth in its purest form, to actively be the “I AM” of God. (Ex. 3:14)  In order to experience pure Truth, pure divine consciousness must be exercised.  Pure divine consciousness and Truth are inseparable. They are exercised by the effect of the one causation (God) as man.  Any consciousness otherwise exercised must be exercised supposedly, or outside of the realm of the one infinite God, and must therefore be invalid supposition, for there is no outside to infinity.

Truth is never born and never dies

That which is in this infinitude, is eternally.  No truth was ever born, and no truth can ever vanish or die, because Truth eternally is.  This point is supported by logic.  The basic admission that being includes all, carries with it the admission that nothing can exist outside of the one condition of being, for there cannot be more than one state of being which is truly all-inclusive, and there can be no outside to ALL.  Our premise is that God IS All-in-all.   If we were to try to imagine another realm of being outside of the one all-inclusive realm known by divine Mind, then the concept of all-inclusiveness would be defeated.  Therefore, beginning with the premise that God, goodness, is All-in-all provides the one and only foundation for a complete and logical explanation of being.  Given a grasp on the implications of infinite all-inclusiveness, it can be argued that all that is, already is.  Every bit or element of that which exists, already is.  If the entire infinite spiritual universe is indeed ALL, then no possibility exists for the presence of something outside of it, for something new to be introduced to it, or for anything to be removed from it.

In support of that statement, Ecclesiastes 3:14 tells us

 “I know that, whatsoever God doeth, it shall be forever: nothing can be put to it, nor anything taken from it:”

Then why is there human birth and death?

After soaking in this logical truth, human beings find themselves asking, “What is that, then, which we experience and which we call the creation of new things on earth, and the death and disappearance of old things?”  Separate lives and separate things consciously appear to be continually coming and going from our experience, yet spiritual logic assures us that nothing can be added to, or taken from. an already complete Allness.   What is going on then?

The only plausible answer to this apparent conundrum lies in the consideration of the quality of the consciousness which is viewing the appearance of things coming and going.  Humanly conditioned consciousness only glimpses its pure divine roots.  It is not yet experiencing the purity of divine consciousness.   Humans become more consciously spiritual as they learn to exchange mortality for divinity.  Spiritual man is the full reflection, the complete image and likeness of ALL that God causatively is.  Spiritual man is divinely conscious of the entirety God’s universe – and of nothing else, for nothing else exists!  Every use of the word is signifies the presence of Truth.

Let us discuss this concept of quality of consciousness. Consciousness is self-awareness.  What is “self”?  It is the definition of “self” which determines what we are going to call the quality of consciousness.  In other words, from what perspective are we considering consciousness – from the mortally based human point of view of self as mortal ego , or from the divine perspective of self as” I AM “?

Eternity and perfection are the necessary characteristics of is, Truth.

Divine consciousness, pure consciousness, is the self-awareness of All that is.  That which is, is and must be Truth, excluding its opposite, error, which all that is not.   Pure divine consciousness is awareness of the Allness of the true spiritual universe, of all that is. This is, defines Truth, the Truth which is the causative characteristic of all that is, which is in turn necessarily eternal and perfect.  It is eternal because everything inside of is, has forever been there.  It could not have been added.  (Remember Eccl. 3:14!).  It is perfect because that which is, and continues to exist for eternity, cannot possess an element of discord. Any element of discord would result in the eventual self- destruction of that which is, and this would render it is not, and hence it would be invalid. This line of thought is, in reversed operation, also the basis for the conscious destruction of that which is falsely believed to trouble us in human experience.

Spiritual man and God-consciousness

Where is the experience of pure divine consciousness to the human being?  How can we and how do we know it?  God-consciousness is self-awareness, God’s self-awareness of His universe, which is, eternally and perfectly.  God consciousness is known by man when, to use the words of Bicknell Young, “fear or hate or love of error is overcome.”  It is purified human consciousness.   God-consciousness is known by man in every conscious perception of perfect ideas and perfect actions.  Pure divine God-consciousness is the witnessing by God, as man, of His entire spiritual universe and its necessarily harmonious and continual unfoldment.  It is divine consciousness which knows only Truth.  It knows ALL there is to be known, and that ALL is necessarily both eternal and perfect, by virtue of the logic already presented with respect to the eternal and perfect nature of Truth.

Where does the human mind get itself into a self-contradictory jam?  Please read on in to Part 2!


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The Christian Science Declaration of Independence

Prayer is effectual

Dedicated students of Christian Science know by experience that consistent strife to bring healing to human experience through prayer, acknowledging the ever-present love of God, is effectual.  We may pray for ourselves, and sometimes we may even ask for the dedicated help of a fellow Christian Scientist, but even the most dedicated and experienced of students may still find themselves asking “Why am I not experiencing healing?  I see and understand God intellectually, and I have prayed and demonstrated my way out of plenty of other difficulties.  Why am I experiencing this resistance to healing?”

In the 17th Chapter of Luke it is related that Jesus’ disciples once were not successful in bringing a case of epileptic seizures to a halt, and they had to call on the Master to heal the suffering boy.  In verses 19 and 20 we read that the disciples asked Jesus

“Why could not we cast him out?  And Jesus said unto them, Because of your unbelief: for verily I say unto you,  If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible to you.”

“Unbelief” was the culprit.  But is not “unbelief” simply the lack of belief?  And is not the belief in God a trust in the one and only power which is responsible for the presence and existence of all that is?  How then, could a lack of confidence in the one and only universal power bring about the prevention of the action of the one and only God-power?  It does not, and it cannot!  Sensual mortal evidence, however, claims that it does.  So, what is going on?  Is healing really being impeded, or is the human consciousness, deluded by its “unbelief”, blocking an awareness of the conscious reception of God’s uninterruptable harmony?

Unbelief is animal magnetism

The discoverer and founder of Christian Science, Mary Baker Eddy, refers to the appearance of such convincing “unbelief” as the disciples experienced as related in Matthew 17, in the Christian Science textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures.  Significant discussion on that topic may be found in a Chapter therein entitled “Animal Magnetism Unmasked”.  As the term is used in Christian Science, animal magnetism describes the lie or deception of mental supposition which creates a conscious reign of negative deception in the human mind, and hence in conscious experience.  This supposition is not actually substantial, for it is only the false mental perception of that which has no origin in omnipotent and omnipresent God, and therefore it is not.  To consciously perceive that which is not requires being deceived,  a convicted belief in what is actually a lie.  In its formative stage, the negative experience is a false belief beheld by a consciousness which must also be supposed.  A real and all inclusive consciousness which resides in the realm of Truth has not the ability to behold a lie, except to regard the lie as a lie.  But this supposed consciousness is the very inversion of Truth.  It beholds a lie as truth, supposing that to be, which in reality is not. In its advanced stage, the negative experience comes to life presented as a convincing material experience.  But in its formative or in its advanced stage, the supposed consciousness which beholds the lie, which it takes as truth, has no foundation in fact, for it also must, logically, be entirely mentally supposed.  Though the Bible does not use this modern terminology, the disciples who had such great difficulty with what the book of Matthew calls unbelief were dealing with the mental phenomenon which Christian Science has named animal magnetism.  It was a phenomenon of the manifestation of unbelief which Jesus completely understood.

What is it that makes our mortal consciousness, our supposed consciousness which comprises the entire deception back of the material mortal experience, so real to us, even when we as students of Christian Science entertain a solid intellectual understanding of its invalid nature?  It is the illegitimate force which Mrs. Eddy has named animal magnetism, the great supposed power of “unbelief”.  Animal magnetism is comprised of nothing but the mistaken conviction that the supposed mortal consciousness is valid.  It is the powerless, but falsely-perceived-powerful, enforcement of a lie.  Because omnipotent and omnipresent God cannot be and is not the author of false conviction, and because the conviction is of supposition rather than of fact, then nothing which is not could possibly have valid authority or dominion over valid conscious experience.  Its very rule is supposititious.  As such, its authority is only suppositious.  Animal magnetism is merely one big lying deceptive and powerless mind game.

Real experience is valid spiritual experience

Real experience is backed by validity.  Christian Scientists know the omnipotence of Truth.  The only power which has the ability to exist must logically be the power of that which is true, and hence which is.  There certainly can be no valid power emanating from that which is not!  Christian Science teaches us that we have therefore every right and all power to demonstrate full dominion over mere mental supposition, which attempts to enforce itself on the basis of animal magnetism, which is also known as common false human belief.  We need only understand the false nature of supposition in order to be enabled and empowered to rise up in demonstrated dominion over evil.

The Christian Science Declaration of Independence

On page 106 of Science and Health, again from the Chapter “Animal Magnetism Unmasked” Mrs. Eddy writes,

Like our nation, Christian Science has its Declaration of Independence.  God has endowed man with inalienable rights, among which are self-government, reason, and conscience.  Man is properly self-governed only when he is guided rightly and governed by his Maker, divine Truth and Love.”

Accordingly, when the human senses attempt to inform that healing is not taking place, or that some force of evil or obstinate force is blocking our view of perfection, then we know that we must stand on the side of Truth all the more firmly than we previously ever have, for we already know that Truth is the only victor.  We need to rise up in honor of the Christian Science Declaration of Independence, rise up in revolution against error, rise up against mental tyranny, and all with the conviction of a Patriot of God assured of victory.  To consciously win the war against animal magnetism comes to us as a human mental fight, but the victory inevitably can only be on the side of God.



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THE GREAT TRAP OF EVIL by Anthony Whitehouse CS

A Guest Post by Anthony Whitehouse CS

I had an interesting healing this morning of extreme fatigue and prostration. I just felt totally overwhelmed by various things that were happening. All the wind had gone out of my sails as it were.

I spent a good few hours in prayer and listened to various articles on Christian Science especially ones related to the Oneness of God and man. And then I got quiet again waiting for the moving of the waters: then the angel thought arrived.
It became clear to me that with the arrival of a challenge we fall into the trap of believing that our joy and spiritual integrity then depends on our overcoming the problem. And in this case and in many cases I realized that I had fallen into the habit of feeling that if I could crack the nut before me (the nature of the challenge is in fact immaterial) then I would feel happy and fulfilled.

“That” said the angel “is the big lie”. With this understanding the healing then followed immediately.

It is now clear to me that the problem we really have to deal with is the belief that spiritual qualities such as joy and happiness can be compromised in any way by human situations. Obviously this is not the case but it is a VERY tempting argument. “ You really are going to feel fulfilled and joyous if you just managed to sell your business “ or “ I am really going to feel satisfied and joyful if I could just get over this lameness.”
I agree that having a healing is an exhilarating experience which leaves you with a great sense of joy. But we cannot afford to become “junkies of the transfiguration” because otherwise we fall into the trap of thinking that overcoming challenges is the key to joy and happiness. Joy and happiness are qualities of God which are NOT DEPENDENT on anything. When we understand THAT then we can ascend because there will be no circumstances which can bind us to earth. We effectively refuse the play the stupid games of evil.



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Oster Begrüssungen – Die Auferstehung Jesu Muss auch unsere Sein

Wir können das sein wonach wir uns sehnen

Jesu Auferstehung bewies dass wir das sein können wonach wir uns sehnen wenn unsere Sehnsucht hochmütig ist.  Der menschliche Wille hat nichts damit zu tun.  Im Widerspruch dagegen müssen wir uns verlangen den menschliche Willen ganz and gar aufzugeben – der Wille der die falsche objektive Meinung unterstützt dass wir irgendwie unabhängig der Allmacht Gottes existieren können.  Jesus konnte  den menschlichen  Willen zweifellos ganz und gar aufgeben, weil er die Geistlichkeit der Menschheit völlig verstand und sie deshalb öffentlich vertreten konnte .  Er opferte seinen menschlichen Willen als Beispiel für uns, und damit  zeigte er uns die Notwendigkeit unserer Opfergabe des menschlichen Willens.  Unsere Aufgabe ist einfach – es ist halt Gottes Menschen zu sein, wie Jesus uns mit seinem vollkommenen Leben schon gezeigt hat.  Der menschlichen Wille muss durch  den göttlichen Willen ersetzt werden, sowie Jesus jeden wachen und schlafenden Moment seines Lebens demonstrierte. Er muss unser Beispiel sein.

Jeden Moment der drei Tagen die Jesus in dem Grabe verbrachte, musste das Leben Gottes gewesen sein.  Es hat kein menschliches  Leben sein können, denn seine Gegner hatten ihn schon getötet, doch, sogar nach der Schrecklichkeit des Leidens seiner Kreuzigung, sogar nach  drei Tagen in dem Grabe, lebte er weiter, und er ist, wie er versprochen hatte, auferstanden!

Wir müssen wiedergeboren werden

Paulus sagte (Eph 4:24)

“Ziehet den neuen Menschen an, der nach Gott geschaffen ist, in rechtschaffener Gerechtigkeit und Heiligkeit”.

Dieser neue Mensch lebt den Willen Gottes und hat den menschlichen Willen, der den alten Mensch kennzeichnet, ausgezogen.  So sind wir wiedergeboren.  So wird der Christus in uns anerkannt, gefühlt, gesehen, gehört, gelebt.

Seine Gegner glaubten sie könnten den Christus töten

Die Gegner Jesu hatten geglaubt, sie könnten den Christus, die Wahrheit töten.  Seine Auferstehung bewahrte die Machtlosigkeit der menschlichen Gewalt.  Sie bestätigte die Allmacht Gottes. Auf Seite 304 des Textbuches Wissenschaft und Gesundheit mit Schlüssel zur Heiligen Schrift schreibt Mary Baker Eddy, die Gründerin der Christlichen Wissenschaft:

“Folgendes ist die Lehre der Christlichen Wissenschaft:  die göttliche Liebe kann ihrer Offenbarwerdung oder ihres Gegenständes nicht beraubt werden; Freude kann nicht in Leid verwandelt werden, denn Leid ist nicht der Herr der Freude”

Wie Jesus, wenn wir danach streben der vollkommenne Mensch zu sein den Gott erschaffen hat, suchen wir Christus nachzueifern.  Wenn wir verstehen dass die Unendlichkeit unseres Gottes subjecktiv ist, das heisst, dass die Wirklichkeit unseres Seins nur das unendliche Gute Gottes in sich fast, fangen wir an die Vollmacht Christi zu begreifen.  So wird es uns allmählich klar dass es unmöglich ist – dass es nur trügersich ist – an einem Leben zu glauben dass vom Gute, von unserem Gott, getrennt sein könnte.

Unsere menschliche Erfahrung trügerisch

Unsere menschliche Erfahrung verlangt dringend auf die Illusion dass, das Böse uns regieren kann.  Der Christus den Jesus, unser Meister, vollkommen und vortrefflich lebte kann uns retten, weil er uns die vollkommene Geistlichkeit useres Seins verwirklichen kann.   Das volle Verständnis der Unendlichkeit dieser Vollkommenheit des Seins ermöglicht für uns den Anfang eines Lebens ohne Leiden, der Anfang eines Lebens das Jesu Leben, vor, sowie nach der Auferstehung, ähnlich machen kann.

Geistlich angesehen gibt es keine objective Aussicht.  Das bedeutet nämlich, es gibt nichts was wir erfahren können was nicht unserem Gott untertänig ist. Gar nichts!  Die Auferstehung Jesu bewarhte für uns dass alles was gültig ist, was ewig und volkommen ist, nur aus unserem unendlichen Gott stammen kann.  Deswegen, alles was ungültig ist, stammt aus der Bosheit.  Die Bosheit muss wegen der Allwesenheit Gottes, vom “Alles-in-allem” ausgeschlossen sein, und sie muss deshalb ungültig sein.  Durch seine Auferstehung zeigte Jesus der Welt dass das Gute nicht getötet sein kann; dass Gott, unendliches Gute, Alles-in allem ist,  alles was gültig ist; und dass , das Böse deshalb einfach ungültig ist.  Die Wichtigkeit des Opfers Jesu muss user Beispiel sein.

Mrs. Eddy schreibt auf Seite 52 (W&G)

“Sein vollendetes Beispiel ward zum Heil für uns alle, aber nur dadurch, daß wir die Werke tun, die er tat und die er andere tun lehrte.”

Ich wünsche Ihnen ein frohes Osterfest.




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Real Action is Harmonious Action

 All loving actions unfold without a glitch

Have you ever considered that the most loving actions you have experienced unfolded harmoniously and without a glitch?   Discordant action, be it physical or mental, is but a false inverted presentation of the harmony of the actually unimpeded and perfect unfolding of the only valid action which exists, namely, action directed by the divine Mind, God.

Principle is Love.  Principle governs the necessarily synchronized harmonious matching up, the mutual engagement and interaction between each and every one of Mind’s eternally acting ideas.  Principled action is made manifest as Love because every state of every perfect idea generated by the divine Mind remains eternally perfect.  What we know as Love is the conscious recognition of that eternally present and acting harmony, the necessary unfolding of Mind’s action, seen and experienced.  By virtue of the infinitely present universality of Mind and its necessarily principled operation, ALL valid action is harmonious.  Therefore discordant action is invalid.  Action must be obedient to that which comes to man directed by loving Principle.  In Misc Writings , Mary Baker Eddy, the discoverer and founder of Christian Science, writes about this obedience (117:13-15)

“Obedience is the offspring of Love; and Love is the Principle of unity, the basis of all right thinking and acting; it fulfills the law.”

Consequently, our conscious experience of the principled unfolding of Mind’s harmonious action is beautiful, and it defines what is felt as Love.

This kind of a description of God is not a theological grasping at straws.  It is not simply a human attempt to mentally construct an entity which feels like a good explanation of what governs the universe.  It results, rather, from a logical look at the depth of the meaning of the word “Truth”.  Truth is the quality of “BE-ing”.  In some Christian Science writings, the fabricated term “isness” has been used to describe the depth of the meaning of the word “Truth”.  Truth describes that which IS.  That which IS NOT is therefore, a lie.  Nothing could be simpler, but human thought adulterates the word “Truth”, even insisting that Truth can be relative.  The fact eternally remains that if an idea or statement is true, it eternally IS.

The truth will always be

One of my favorite Pat Metheny songs, a very majestic and beautiful work, is entitled “The Truth will Always Be”.   Contrary to the position of the believers of relative truth, it is not possible to name a truth which stops being true.  This statement is backed up by pure logic.  If a statement or observation ever stops its presentation, at that moment it IS NOT.  The moment a thought or idea or statement is recognized as being capable of stopping or changing to something different that what it was, it is seen to be IS NOT, because such action invalidates the eternal nature of truth.  At that point such a thought, claiming to be Truth, is recognized as an imposter, and can consciously be treated as simply invalid – a lie.  In human experience we meet a myriad of lies claiming to be Truth.  Our job as Christian Scientists is to identify and remove these false claims, lies claiming to be Truth, from consciousness.  Our view of God in Christian Science results from this logical analysis of Truth.  This view of God as the source of Truth is therefore impossible to separate from Principle.  A present Principle causes all existence to BE.  Regardless of how the outward manifestation of the Being comes to conscious experience, the fact of eternal BE-ing continuously IS, totally independent of the quality of its perception in human consciousness.  The human mind may believe it is experiencing discordant action, while it is actually experiencing an inverted presentation of present harmonious action, fooled by false hypnotic belief in impossible opposite qualities.  An awareness of Love is associated with correcting this false recognition.

How do we set ourselves up mentally to experience only harmony?

This leads us then to the question “How do we mentally set ourselves up to consciously feel Love and to witness only the action of true and present harmony?”  The practice of knowing our natural spiritual state, the living and breathing of our “I AM” identity, results in the eradication of the conscious human awareness of discord.  In Misc Writings (209:8-11) we read  “The principle of divine Science being Love, the divine rule of this Principle demonstrates Love, and proves that human belief fulfills the law of belief, and dies of its own physics.”

Then Mrs. Eddy goes on to explain how Love binds itself to Principle and becomes objectified in human experience only through the deliberate actions of man acting as God’s representative (Misc Writings 215:13-15)

”Christian Science demands order and truth.  To abide by these we must first understand the Principle and object of our work, and be clear that it is Love, peace, and good will toward men.”

Pour in Truth through flood-tides of Love

We remove error from human consciousness “by pouring in Truth through flood-tides of Love” (S&H 201:17-18).  Until this pouring in is consciously carried out through the practice of consciously living our spiritual identity, human consciousness seems to retain its possession of tenacious mortal beliefs.  The elevation of human consciousness to the divine level is accomplished through this conscious in-pouring of Love to the human mind.

Do problems feel stubborn?

Does it feel like we never rid ourselves of a problem completely, and that it seems to keep trying to return to our experience?  Divinely understood, this work is never partially accomplished, but always completed.  Human love gradually approaches a sense of the purer state of divine Love as mortal beliefs are dissolved and washed away.  Keep pouring in the Love!  Don’t stop!  To see our work partially done or half-undone is impossible  from the viewpoint of God which is beheld by the spiritualized man.  In Misc Writings we read (290:10-14)

“To suppose that human love, guided by the divine Principle, which is Love, is partial, unmerciful, or unjust, indicates misapprehension of the divine Principle and its workings in the human heart.”

If we humanly experience any sense of discordant action, the solution to and the removal of any associated negative symptoms may always be found through the realization of the eternal and spiritual fact of the necessity of harmony governing every valid action.  Let us conclude in this light with these two quotations from Science and Health (239:25-27 and 407:22-24)

“If action proceeds from the divine Mind, action is harmonious.”  “In Science, all being is eternal, spiritual, perfect, harmonious in every action.”


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Die Christliche Wissenschaft: Keine blosse Theorie, sondern Tatsache!

Gott – die Ursache dessen was ist!

Die Christliche Wissenschaft erklärt Gott nicht als Person, wie Gott von der Orthodoxie normalerweise beschrieben wird. Sie erklärt Gott als Prinzip, das Prinzip des Seins, das Prinzip die die wahre Sinn der Liebe unterstützt. Gott IST die Wahrheit selbst. Gott ist die Ursache dessen was IST. Gott ist das Sein. Gott is die einzige wahre Ursache des Seins. Es ist egal wie Gott gennant wird , das macht alles nichts.

WO ist denn Gott? Man könnte ebenso fragen, WO ist das Gesetz der Schwere? WO ist die Mathematik? Gott ist das universale Gemüt worin das Prinzip des Seins wohnt. Es gibt kein “Platz” wobei Gott gefunden sein mag. Gott hat gar nichts mit der Zeit noch mit dem Raum zu tun. Gott hat doch alles mit dem Denken zu tun. Gott ist halt das Prinzip wobei alles IST, der Grund des Bewusstseins, das “Warum” des Bewusstseins.

Alles was IST muss irgendwie ausgdrückt werden

Alles was IST muss irgendwie ausgdrückt werden. Das Universum und die Menscheit sind die Widerspiegelung, die Einwirkung dieser einzigen Ursache, Gott. Gott ist die Ursache, die Menscheit und das Universum sind dessen Einwirkung oder Widerspiegelung.

Wo is denn Gott? Gott kann durch die menschlichen Sinnen NIE gespürt werden. Er kann nur durch die entwickelten geistlichen Sinnen kennengelernt werden.

WAS ist denn Gott? Wie kennen wir Gott? Gott ist das Bewusstsein, dessen Einwirkung der Mensch ist. Wo ist Gott? Gott befindet sich im Bewusstsein. Nicht HIER , nicht DORT. Jedes Gefühl der Liebe ist Gott. Jede Wahrheit verstanden ist Gott. Jedes gutes Leben gelebt ist Gott. Jede gute Seele gekannt ist Gott. Jedes geistiges Gefühl ist Gott. Jedes harmonisches Gesetz zeigt das Prinzip des Gottes in unendlicher Bewegung. Jedes harmonishes unendliches Denken ist Gott. Wo ist denn Gott? Gott ist auch wo das Universum zu befinden ist, nämlich im Bewusstsein, ein Bewuststsein deren Ursache, Gott ist.

So angesehen warum sollte Gott denn nicht wissenschaftlich sein? So verstanden sind die guten und lieben Einwirkungen Gottes vom Prinzip der Liebe, vom Prinzip des Gutens ohne Ausnahme immer harmonisch geführt. Die Christliche Wissenschaft erklärt dass die Dinge des sogenanten Teufels, des Übels, im Gegensatz zu Gott sind, und, wegen der Unendlichkeit Gottes, ungültig sind. Der Mensch muss lernen das Leben als GOTTES Leben zu verstehen. Dabei ist es möglich die immergegenwartige Wesenheit Seiner Liebe und Harmonie kennzulernen. Das Ergebnis dieses Lernens ist die Erfahrung eines harmonisheren Lebens.

Ein riesenhaftes Thema!

Das ist eine ganz, ganz kurze Beschreibung eines riesenhaften Themas. Wirklich riesenhaft! Durch Gebet in der Christlichen Wissenschaft kann jede Lösung immer gefunden werden.  Jede Krankheit, jeder unangenehme Umstand, absolut jedes Problem des Lebens wird,durch das Verständnis Gottes wie Gott in der Christlichen Wissenschaft erklärt wird, völlig geheilt. Die Christliche Wissenschaft ist keine blosse Theorie, sondern — sie ist TATSACHE!


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He that Dwelleth in the Secret Place

Ps 91:8   ” Only with thine eyes shalt thou behold and see the reward of the wicked”

The mortal senses are the supposititious mortal mind’s mockery of the spiritual sense exercised in divine consciousness, and are backed only by delusional hypnotic conviction, whereas divine consciousness is backed by Truth, or, by that which IS.


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Until this morning I could not see the metaphysical rationale for Jesus’ various demonstrations of walking on water, walking through walls, immediate deplacement from mid- lake to lake-shore in the blink of an eye and his ascension.
But the key to the quandary came in one word : confinement.

Why is “ confinement “ such a big metaphysical deal ? Well, to my sense of things it is the modus operandi of evil. It is the atmosphere of evil in that it represents the mental straightjacket the human mind operates with.

It was only this morning I realized how much confinement operates in human experience. We feel confined in a human body, we feel confined by our human personalities, we feel confined in time and we feel confined in space, we feel restricted in resources and intelligence. In fact confinement more than anything else is the principle parameter of our humanity.

It has now become clear to me that Jesus had a totally unconfined sense of being. He did not feel confined in any respect. Why ? I think it has to be because his consciousness being God could not be confined.

It is clear that the Mind of God could never feel confined. And since Jesus was at one with His Father then his mind could not operate like that either.

In order to really see the impact of this amazing truth , and irrespective of how uncomfortable we may feel about the implications, let us examine the full implication of the confinement syndrome in our experience.

The whole human experience is predicated on confinement in one form or another. In order to really experience the full diapason of Spirit we have to abandon any sense of confinement. And yet we feel confined by our personalities, we appear to be confined in time and space ( you can start to see now how Jesus broke this mesmerism) our finances appear confined and our resources of Joy and advancement seem equally confined. In fact every part of our human lives smacks of confinement. And how often do we make the judgement that others are confined by certain traits of personality and their ethnicity. We determine that their minds, their reactions and their attitudes are confined in some way when, surprise , surprise, given the nature of the Mind they are using this cannot be true.

I experienced an extraordinary unconfined moment of Christ-like knowing this morning when I realised that I was not confined to Coppet , Switzerland on March 22nd 2013. And yet this is exactly what the accepted norm is. We are confined in time , space and location.

I think we can all begin to see now how Jesus was able to achieve the deplacements in time and space he managed. He had absolutely no sense of being confined. Neither would he allow human circumstances to dictate “ confinement” to him. We have several instances in the bible of how that translated into human experience . In one case we see the Philip the disciple suddenly appear at the carriage of the eunuch in charge of the Queen of Sheba’s treasure. And being whisked away again just as promptly. At one point when Jesus was with his disciples in a boat mid-lake they suddenly found themselves at the lake side.

It is not that God is without a sense of humor on such questions. I remember some 20 years ago asking out loud why I could not be teleported from Geneva to New York at the blink of an eye to be firmly told “ At the moment the shock would kill you”. Before these things can happen it does help to understand the metaphysical principle which affects such things and thereby facilitate their occurrence.
Mrs Eddy has written a wonderful paragraph which touches this subject in Misc Writings 189:15. “ The supposition that Soul, or Mind is breathed into matter is a pantheistic doctrine that presents a false sense of existence and the quickening spirit takes it away revealing in place thereof, the power and perfection of a released sense of Life in God and Life as God.”

Now look at the paragraph in with the optic of unconfined being “ The supposition that Soul or Mind is confined within the human body is a pantheistic doctrine that presents a totally confined sense of existence and the quickening, unconfined spirit takes it way revealing in place thereof, the power and perfection of an unconfined sense of Life in God and Life as totally unconfined”.

Your Mind which is Mind is not going to act as Mind as long as you have any sense of things being confined in any manner.

Evil being evil would seek to maintain this sense of confinement because as long as this sense persists then we remain slaves to personal sense. We often find ourselves being being confronted with problems . What is really at stake is not to heal the problems but to avoid the inevitable sense that such things can confine us in any way. A challenge of failing eyesight or hearing or mobility is not really an attack on our health but an invitation to us to feel confined in some way. Personal sense and animal magnetism have their claws in us if we feel confined. When we reject the sense of confinement such challenges bring then healing can occur.

There is a remarkable testimony of how God’s unconfined sense of being when sensed by humanity frees man from the most dire of circumstances. In his book “ The Heavenly Man “ by Brother Yun the Chinese evangelist
explains how he was put in a Chinese prison and had his legs broken to stop him escaping. One day another Christian within the prison tells him it is his time to leave. He starts crawling towards the prison gates. Nobody sees him leave. By the time he reaches the outer gates he is completely healed and able to take a taxi to friends. The taxi driver cannot remember where he took him.

So if you want to walk on water, have unlimited resources, heal any impediment just live and love your unconfined sense of being. You will find your Christ. And make sure you sell your airline stocks. If this understanding becomes universal , the airlines will go out of business !


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