Healed of Severe Injuries through Prayer

Prayer Heals!

This is a testimony of my healing that resulted from dedicated prayer following a motorcycle accident. In the past I have kept my testimonies of spiritual healing quiet and private, and shared them only with those who I knew were thinking with the same thought pattern as I was.  I am in the process of writing another version of this experience for publication in The Christian Science Journal.  This particular post will be periodically updated or appended as inspirations come.

This time the experience was just too significant and too important to remain quiet about. I am putting this out for all to read. Just because majority of people believe something to be true, or untrue, does not make it so. Just look at human history for the proof of that. Remember, for example, Copernicus and his crazy idea that the universe does not revolve around the earth? I mean, wasn’t it pretty obvious to the majority of people in that period of history, considering the evidence presented by the observations of human sense, that Copernicus was a nut job?

This healing was my own experience, and there is in this case also tangible evidence in the form of x rays and witnesses at the hospital emergency room to back it up. It happened to me, and nobody and nothing can ever take that from me, or make the experience that I lived any less than true.

I am aiming to keep this report short, but I tend to want to share everything I have learned from this experience in the hope that its substance might also provide an opportunity for someone else to enable themselves also to discover a more harmonious experience.

I wish also to express gratitude for Peace Haven, the Christian Science nursing facility in which I spent three weeks surrounded by the sincere and continual expression of love from its kind and caring administrators, and from the Christian Science nursing staff there.

In short, near the end of May 2014 on a rural road near my home, I sustained what was evaluated medically as a set of quite serious injuries as the result of a direct and severe collision between me on my Triumph Sprint motorcycle, and a deer. My wife, Kristen, picked me up and took me to our local Emergency Room immediately after the accident. After being transported from there to a Christian Science nursing facility, my healing came to me in a short period of time, and 100% through spiritually based prayer. I requested and received no material or medical aid of any kind at any time, because I had committed myself to an unwavering confidence in my purely spiritual identity as the image and likeness of God, who IS Love itself – nothing more, and nothing less.

X-rays taken at the ER indicated 4 broken ribs and a broken shoulder blade. The attending ER doctor said that in his view I needed to be transported immediately to an accident trauma center in Springfield (Mo). The doctor’s opinion was offered with the best of intentions, and it was a grim one which included the prediction of a worsening of the situation and of a long recovery period. In fact none of those predictions proved to come true, and I can report with full confidence that the final harmonious outcome of this incident had everything to do with my turning away from negativity, and towards the love of God.

Of course the ER doctor wanted to do the right things for me, so he also advised that more x-rays be taken to evaluate the physical picture even further. I declined them, explaining to the doctor that as a Christian Scientist, any additional physical information would not be at all helpful to aid my objectives. I knew that I would be finding my healing through spiritual means alone, and that placing any faith or value in bodily material evidence only tends to oppose that approach.

The ER doctor was kind and helpful, and he was indeed my first human evidence that God indeed was in control and was already answering my prayer. Although the ER doctor did seem confused and a bit bewildered that I would decline expert medical treatment in favor of an unwavering faith in God, he unquestioningly and respectfully honored my decision. He even called Kristen the following day, after my transport to a Christian Science nursing facility, to be sure I was doing well. That was love in expression and it set the stage for the harmony that was to unfold.

Through our telephone communication from the ER with the Christian Science practitioner, who lovingly stayed with me in prayer through the whole healing experience, we learned about Peace Haven, a non-medical healing and recovery facility for Christian Scientists, located in St. Louis. I had known of Peace Haven’s existence, but knew little about it.

There was no hesitation. I knew immediately and firmly that this was where I was to go. The decision to go here came to me as though it were an angel message instructing me to listen and obey. This considerate ER doctor then made special arrangements for me to be transported by ambulance to Peace Haven, a trip of over four hours duration, in spite of the fact that it was against official policy for the EMTs to make such a drive in the middle of the night.

As a practicing Christian Scientist, I already understood from previous experience that the key to experiencing true and permanent healing would focus upon elevating my own conscious perspective from a frightened and shocked human point of view, which was my experience at that moment, to a more heavenly, pure, spiritually based perspective which never ceases to acknowledges God’s ever present love.

The first thing I thought about and dwelt with during my ambulance ride was the first verse of the 91st Psalm. “He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most high shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty”.

That continued to be the focus of my prayer. I strove to dwell in that secret place, that mental and purely spiritual kingdom of heavenly trust during the entire recovery period. As a result, I now better understand the direct relationship between dwelling in that secret spiritual mental place, and the resulting harmony that necessarily resultingly comes to conscious experience.

During my time of dedicated prayer and recovery at Peace Haven, I also discovered more and deeper spiritual meaning in quite a number of other Biblical passages, and in related relevant writings by Mary Baker Eddy, the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science. I was also guided and supported in my prayers by the supporting prayers of my wife, who stayed by my side for the entire time I was there, by the prayerful and continual support of a Christian Science Practitioner, by the prayers and love expressed by the Christian Science nurses who lovingly and confidently attended to my every physical need, and by the prayers of the small number of select friends and family who knew about my situation. I am forever grateful for every supporting prayer received!

This is the short version, so I will save details for other versions. I know it is still long, but you can skip past whatever seems unclear and simply absorb the bottom line: I was healed of serious injuries in a short period of time, including multiple broken bones, without the aid of any surgery or drugs, and that this occurred after I mentally rejected frightening material evidence and placed my full reliance in God, my source and Creator.

Why would anyone choose to trust in spiritual healing and to reject the commonly accepted authority of modern material medicine? I choose to follow the pattern of thought exemplified by Christ Jesus and the early Christians who also followed and repeated  his great demonstrations of healing.

In support of that position, the discoverer and founder of Christian Science points out on page 369 of her textbook on the subject, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures :

“We never read that Luke or Paul made a reality of disease in order to discover some means of healing it. Jesus never asked if disease were acute of chronic, and he never recommended attention to laws of health, never gave drugs, never prayed to know if God were willing that a man should live. He understood man, whose Life is God, to be immortal, and knew that man has not two lives, one to be destroyed and the other to be made indestructible.”

I remained radically focused upon God and reliance upon Him, and as a result I was sitting up in bed within one week. The day after that, I stood up with some assistance, and then discovered that I could rise on my own. So, I requested a walker. I walked around the building with the aid of the walker for a day and a half. (During the short time I used the walker, I named it “Texas Ranger”. Some people there never understood the joke, but a few did.) The next day I requested that the walker be taken away.

I think it was around the seventh day I was in Peace Haven that I was able to get up and down every time with no help at all, and to walk unaided (with no walker.) From then on for the next two weeks I dedicated myself to intense prayer, and to bringing myself to a real and conscious realization that it is God who actually moves us, and not a material body, as our less than heavenly, earthly senses report to us humanly.

I realized slowly and gradually,and always increasingly clearly, that all real and valid movement is spiritual, not material, and is therefore unimpeded. All that we need to find healing is the realization that we possess spiritual consciousness as the children of God, here and now. This is not something to be gained, but rather must be realized and acknowledged. It is only the educated beliefs of human experience which get in our way of seeing consciousness from a purely spiritual perspective. Human beliefs contrary to God are all that would hide the fact that that the only valid reality is heavenly, spiritual, eternal, and that this reality is therefore uninterruptable and unimpeachable.

Man as the image and likeness of God, as opposed to the common view of man as a materially based mortal, cannot be impeded simply because the omnipotence of God precludes the possibility of man, God’s spiritual image and likeness, being impeded. Knowing this fact as our true identity empowers us. The impeding that appears to us as a human reality is from God’s perspective, false. It is only the devil, evil, the impossible opposite of infinite God, believed. It exists only in supposition, and is interpreted falsely by the mrtally based human mind as material reality. The acceptance of discord as a reality grants the victory to the devil, evil.  Its rejection gives the victory to God.

In Bible language, this means that dwelling in the secret place of the most high precludes anything less than or outside of the infinitude of God’s goodness. Dwelling “in the secret place of the most high” (Ps 91:1) reveals the nothingness of the nature of all evil and negativity. When we make the all too common human error of accepting discord as our reality, we are only falsely assigning truth to evil, and unintentionally “forsaking our own mercy” by believing “lying vanities” as Jonah stated in his prayer (Jonah Chapter 2. )

Jesus clearly told us that the devil is “a liar and the father of it”. This must mean that God did not create a man who can be duped by evil, and that God did not make and cannot allow anything unlike or opposite to His own infinite goodness. Even the man who seems to suffer from evil is a lie, for the devil is ” a liar and the father of it”, as Jesus clearly explained  Every single appearance of negativity, sickness, injury, and all of the etceteras included in those words, is a fabrication of the illusory nature of evil, and is completely unfounded and invalid on the basis of God’s infinitude.

Healing began to be manifest to me as I realized that to the unspirtualized human consciousness, it seems that it is the human mind which propels a physical body, but that from God’s spiritual perspective, that is not at all what is going on!

The Master, Christ Jesus, was continually and always perfectly in tune with the Christ consciousness, the awareness of man as spiritual, as the eternal image and likeness of God, which corrected the false humanly educated perception of mas as a mortal and material being.

Jesus taught and demonstrated through his many healing works that we, too, are really always in full possession of this Christ consciousness. In proportion as we begin to realize that we can, and indeed do, reflect spiritually all of the eternally harmonious actions of God, by virtue of the spiritual fact that man is, in his highest realizable state, the unimpeded image and likeness of God, then experience, our experience and human consciousness is naturally molded into conformance with that level of conscious thought.

I said I was going to keep it short, so I will cut to the chase. By the end of the third week at Peace Haven, this realization had brought to my experience the joy-filled truth and realization that nothing can actually impede man’s action, and that I am therefore eternally free from the effects of accident, or any from any other negative effect. Negativity is sanctioned by nothing but the common concensus of false belief.

As soon as I was confident that I was able to rise and walk and take care of all of my own personal duties, because I knew that my life is governed by God, and not by any material circumstances that appear to be outside of God’s reign of omnipotence, then I knew that it was time to go home. Twenty one days after the accident I checked out of Peace Haven, walked to the car, and Kristen drove me home.

My gratitude for God, for Christ Jesus, and for the discovery and the discoverer of Christian Science, Mary Baker Eddy, who returned over 140 years ago the spiritual and scientific science of the practical healing power of Christ to Christianity, cannot be expressed in mere words. How empty and meaningless would be my life, my hopes, and my entire life experience, without them!

That same gratitude extends to Peace Haven, to every other Christian Science nursing facility in the world, and to all of the loving people engaged in the Christian healing ministries, and to every individual, church, or institution that is dedicated to celebrating the power of Christ by practical demonstration.

Above all, I wish to express my gratitude for my loving wife, Kristen, who was at my side 100% of the time, and continues to be. She has been with me not only in prayer but always in support of my every human need. Kristen is indeed living and breathing evidence that “Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need” (Mary Baker Eddy, Science and Health).


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A Spiritual Look at Job Security

The Human View of Job Security

This is not a typical article on job security. I started to wrote this for my business site, and then reconsidered that it is a better fit here. This is not an article on Christian Science, per se, but the general train of thought is common with it.  I am going to write a second one reflecting what I intended to write about the first time, but this one just flowed. So come along for the ride!

The human definition of job security is: “The probability that an individual will keep his or her job; a job with a high level of job security is such that a person with the job would have a small chance of becoming unemployed.” That line came directly from Wikipedia.

We as human beings are in the natural habit of looking at life from the mental perspective that we all have been taught from birth, namely, the perspective of living a limited and mortal life.

Be willing to step outside of the human frame of reference.

To step outside of the human frame of reference seems impossible and ridiculous to those who are unwilling to consider the possibility that there is another perspective.

If you believe that life is eternal, you have taken the first step in opening thought to the existence of a higher guiding Principle, source, God, or whatever your particular brand of human perspective chooses to label that which actually governs your life.

If you are an atheist who holds firmly to the belief that life is material and finite and that consciousness begins with birth and comes to an end at death, you can stop reading now and go on to something else. When a drowning man is thrown a lifesaver, he must be willing to put his hands on it if he hopes not to drown. To open or close your mind to possible changes in perspective is, of course, your own choice.

The Spiritual View of Job Security

There is a relationship between our human experience and the guiding principle which unfolds conscious experience to us. Many have come to the powerful realization that the quality of our own human experience is nothing more than a reflection of the quality of our interpretation of eternal, spiritual validity.

Stated another way

We naturally and necessarily experience harmony because the positive is the real and substantial. Therefore the negative, seen from a perspective above the educated human point of view, is just what its name implies – negation. It is the mental negation, the inversion, the turning upside down of that which is positive and real. That inversion goes on in our human mind.

This can be clearly understood when we consider that we can possess a positive quantity of anything, but that it is impossible to possess a negative quantity of anything. This is because the negative is only a symbolic representation of the lack of the positive.

What does this have to do with job security?

Consider these points in order:

The quality of human experience is the product of the quality of our interpretation of the positive and substantial nature of all that is presented to us with any validity from our eternal source.

Negative human experience is therefore an inverted and therefore invalid mental presentation of the positive abundance that is actually present and made known to us by our eternal source.

That might be a lot to soak in for the human mind unaccustomed to the spiritual thought which transcends human thought. Review these two points and consider the possibility that they are valid. Consider the possibility that all of the negative factors of human experience are merely inverted and negative misrepresentations of all that is eternally true and valid.

Loss and chance of loss are inversions, negations of the truth.

The loss of a job is a negative concept. From this spiritual perspective, a view you must be willing to consider before it is possible to grasp the ideas being proposed here, there is no job loss. There is only the human mental conviction in the supposition of job loss.

In the universe of harmony, directed by active principle, there is no chance of loss – only assurance of gain.

That is all that feels like the real condition of employment or unemployment experienced by the human being, trained to think only from the limiting perspective of human thought. The human is trained to interpret the negative, right along with the positive, as his reality. And so, it is to the human being!

The solution to negative circumstances is to re-interpret what we are conscious of.

Remaining in the spiritual perspective in which all that is valid is positive and eternal, we can see that the answer to the unemployment problem lies in re-inverting changing the negative human misinterpretation of unemployment into an upright conscious realization of the only validity, called employment.

How does that cure unemployment? The realization that unemployment is merely a negative ,inverted representation of full employment results in an improved human perspective – one which has learned to reject just one more stage of invalid negativity.

That which the human knows as reality becomes manifest as his reality. Bringing the mental atmosphere one step closer to the eternal and harmonious spiritual reality brings employment into view as a present reality. It’s made manifest to you as a job, or a business, or as some form of rewarding activity.

We can learn to know ALL of life and business in the true light

Kristen and I have adapted this way of thinking. It is the driving force behind our personal lives and behind our dedication to business. We practice actively knowing that no matter how negative circumstances present themselves to be in our human lives, we have the ability to understand our way out of, and above them. If we choose not too, we allow ourselves to be defeated by nothing more than our own fears.

It rarely feels humanly easy to take these stands from the human mind point of view. Dedication to adjusting our consciousness out of the human realm to which we are so accustomed becomes an easier task over time.



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He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High — is You!

He that dwelleth

He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High.   – Psalms 91

“He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High” is the opening line of one of David’s most often recited Psalms, the 91st.  “He that dwelleth” is “I AM”.  He is my identity and your identity, the image and likeness of the infinite Godhead.

The “I AM”

The identity of “I AM” dwells in the infinite only-ness  of that which with validity actually IS.  That which IS must, logically analyzed, eternally BE as a perfect and indestructible idea.  A destructible idea is no idea, for the moment it is destroyed, it no longer is.  It is therefore temporal rather than eternal, while the realm of eternity knows no beginning, ending, nor time.  In the absence of time, that which ceases to exist never existed in the first place, for there is logically no place for or possibility of the removal of anything contained within the realm of eternal Allness.

Perfect ideas are made manifest in conscious experience by the exercise of perfect conscious awareness.  You can only witness that of which you are presently consciously aware.

The “I AM” NOT …………….  is the “i am” !!

Let’s take this situation and mentally invert it.  Destructible ideas exist then only in the realm of mental supposition.  It is a supposed but invalid mortal man who says “i am”.  He is the mental negation of the immortal man who says with all validity I AM.  It is the Adam man who says “i am”.

Boolean logic, the logic of ones and zeros that power our computers, says that the Adam man’s “i am” is the immortal man’s “I AM” NOT.  Nothing which the supposed mortal man claims to be, really is.  It “is” only in a false suppositional mental sense of belief.  It is therefore, but a dream.

The first line of the 91st Psalm tells us then, to know that you are “He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High”.  The man who can with all validity say “I AM” knows this.  He is the image and likeness of all the only-ness and infinitude of the goodness of God!

Knowing what comprises  supposition, and that that supposition is not reality enlightens your view.  It exposes to you the Truth that all of mortal life is but a counterfeit supposition, an inverted negation of the infinite ALL which IS.  Mortal man is the lair in the “liar and the father of it” to which Christ Jesus referred.  Mortal life, seen in absolute terms elevated above the mesmeric delusion of mortality, IS NOT!

You are “He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High”!

Know that you dwell in the secret place of the most High!  Now and forever!  Roll that around on your mental tongue like a tasty morsel and savor it!  It is all power to you!  Dwell on on it and contemplate the power of a constant assurance that you, as God’s man, His image and likeness, reflect the entirety of the infinite power of goodness!

photo credit: QuotesEverlasting via photopin cc



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The Power of the State vs the Power of Love – Review on an Article from Ludwig von Mises Institute

Review:  ”The Power of the State vs the Power of Love” from the Ludwig von Mises Institute

Many colleagues and friends have told me that religion and politics don’t mix. I must vehemently disagree on the basis of an understanding gained through Christian Science practice that Love, Principle ITSELF governs — as opposed to the common human belief accepted by the masses that humans govern, and that they govern well humanly via divine inspiration. That belief is based upon the fundamental error which Christian Science denounces, namely, the false belief that man has identity operating separately from God, and that things and conditions in the world are self acting. This non CS article summarizes well the denouncement of that belief.



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Peace, Be Still!

Thoughts on Christ Consciousness  10.28.13

In an article on spiritual consciousness, Bicknell Young, an early Christian Scientist wrote:

When Jesus stilled the waves, his only words were: “Peace, be still.”  Isn’t this a wonderful treatment? “ Peace, be still.”  It becomes necessary for us to realize a “peace, be still” to every disturbance, to every disturbed thought, and therefore to all discordant or inharmonious outer conditions.  When Jesus said, “Peace, be still,” he was not directing his thought to the troubled waves or to the storm.  He was not addressing disturbed thought, the disturbed mind of the disciples, of those on board.  Nor was he addressing them as person; but rather to the universal belief of a disturbed thought, to the universal belief in a mind apart from God, to the universal belief of inharmonious inner and outer conditions, he was declaring”Peace, be still”!

Jesus knew that there are no inner conditions nor outer conditions, but rather only the perfect condition of God, the perfect and only knowing Mind.  Jesus, the anointed, learned to continually practice the perfect Christ consciousness, and as the anointed, he did this for our benefit and example.  Through his understanding of the truth of being, through his understanding that the only validity, by the nature of the necessity of the very word “is”,  is necessarily eternally harmonious, and is the reality of conscious being.  By the practice of this continual perfect and undistracted Christ-consciousness, Jesus became possessed of dominion over all material conditions.

The Christ consciousness is man’s consciousness, ours to possess.  We need, however, to consciously choose its possession by consciously and conscientiously making the same sacrifices of human belief as did Jesus in his holy life.  To human beings this is a tall order.  To the natural and real inner spiritual man, this is but the reflective exercise of God’s continual and perfect action seen in man as the image and likeness of his Maker.   We need only actively and consciously realize our indwelling natural spiritual identity, the Christ consciousness which is the only validity in  human consciousness.  We can step by step learn to practice possession of this Christ consciousness, which gives us all dominion over every seeming obstacle, by choosing to honor no thought, no person, no condition which appears contrary to the divine will, regardless of how convincing may be its presentation to us as human beings.


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Validity is Reality. Invalidity is Unreality.


This set of thoughts was inspired by the following story from II Kings 6, 8-17:

“The king of Syria warred against Israel, and took counsel with his servants, saying, In such and such a place shall be my camp. And the man of God sent unto the king of Israel, saying, Beware that thou pass not such a place; for thither the Syrians are come down. And the king of Israel sent to the place which the man of God told him and warned him of, and saved himself there, not once nor twice. Therefore the heart of the king of Syria was sore troubled for this thing; and he called his servants, and said unto them, Will ye not shew me which of us is for the king of Israel? And one of his servants said, None, my lord, O king: but Elisha, the prophet that is in Israel, telleth the king of Israel the words that thou speakest in thy bedchamber. And he said, Go and spy where he is, that I may send and fetch him. And it was told him, saying, Behold, he is in Dothan. Therefore sent he thither horses, and chariots, and a great host: and they came by night, and compassed the city about. And when the servant of the man of God was risen early, and gone forth, behold, an host compassed the city both with horses and chariots. And his servant said unto him, Alas, my master! how shall we do? And he answered, Fear not: for they that be with us are more than they that be with them. And Elisha prayed, and said, Lord, I pray thee, open his eyes, that he may see. And the Lord opened the eyes of the young man; and he saw: and, behold, the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire round about Elisha.”

Why did the servant at first fail to see the present protection round about Elisha?

Was it not because of his educated human perception which placed undeserved yet unswerving faith upon the truly insignificant and supposed power of negativity?   Elisha’s prayer blew away the mental fog and enabled the servant to see what was already present.  What a wonderful lesson is this for us all today!

There is only one consciousness, and that is the consciousness of God Himself. Valid and real consciousness is the Mind of God, reflected as the consciousness of perfect spiritual man, and is continually and eternally shining forth even within what appears to mortals as the so-called lives of human beings, for there is no other valid source of consciousness outside of God.  That which is real and valid comprises ALL, and it contains not one element of negativity, the inversion of reality.  The perfect divine Mind, Truth, continually denounces the claims of that which oppose it simply by virtue of its onlyness.  That human mind which is most aware of the source of its conscious state of existence is the human mind which knows that man is in actuality the complete manifestation of the one omnipotent and divine Mind in action.  Elisha saw this, and knew this, and understood this, and was able therefore to demonstrate a complete and unwavering faith in  the ever presence of God.  That aspect of the human mind which does NOT recognize this spiritual reality is the invalid representation of Mind, the very opposite of validity, an invalidity which the divine Mind continually and actively denies, but which the human mind falsely accepts as its own personal reality.  This was the initial frame of mental reference of the servant before his spiritual eyes were opened by Elisha’s prayers.

We all ask “How then, and why, do materiality and evil seem to co-exist with spirituality and goodness with such validity on the human scene?  Why did the servant initially see only the danger, but not the present goodness?”

The nature of evil is deception, a lie.  Evil, negativity is, by definition the impossible opposition to omnipotent God, goodness.  The perfect action of divine Mind takes place within one all-encompassing  and infinite spiritual reality, necessarily invalidating any action which would oppose it, for the very infinite nature of its being eliminates the possibility of its opposite.   There is no mental supposition in the divine Mind, for Mind only knows.  Mind, God is not capable of supposing, for supposing by its very definition supports the existence of that which takes place outside of the realm of infinite Mind, outside of the realm of God, and how can God know that which is beyond His infinite and omnipotent presence?  Who, then supposes?  Nobody supposes but a supposition itself!

Where is the realm of God?  Did not Jesus declare (Luke 17:21) “Behold, the kingdom of God is within you?”  Do we really understand and practice a full faith in one infinite and omnipotent God, or do we not as human beings, continually doubt and distrust the Allnes of God, and continually expect bad things to take place?  And then, does not the general religious opinion of mankind in turn put the blame upon God for the presence of negativity which is actually endorsed only by human mortal thought, impossibly separated from God?   There is no outside to God’s infinity and omnipotence!

Nothing supposes,  and nobody supposes, for supposition is but the belief of and impossible attempt to know that which is false and negative.   It is not possible to know negativity, the very inverse of positiveness, real substance.  Negativity can only be supposed. And who supposes it?  Mortal, human beings suppose.  Immortal, spiritual man knows. Real consciousness cannot suppose any thing with any actual validity, because the inverse of that which is, is not. Human consciousness can only suppose  a false sense of the validity of the negative.  What significance does that leave to the mortal sense of identity to which mortal human beings so strongly cling?  None. No significance at all, in the understanding of the one ubiquitous divine Mind.  The only conclusion that can be reached by logical analysis  is that all negativity is only supposed to be valid, and that that supposition must be carried out by a false sense sense of identity called mortal man.

Any action which would oppose Mind therefore must take place in the realm of mental supposition, and is thus invalid.  In other words, that which is supposed does not actually take place.  One can only possess a positive quantity of any substantial thing.  Contrariwise, one cannot possess a negative quantity of any given thing, for the negativity represents only the concept of the absence of that thing.  So, which should be considered real and valid to human consciousness –  the positive and substantial, or the negative and insubstantial, the lack of the very something we perceive? Only the mesmeric atmosphere of human thinking and the conviction of a false belief in negativity seems to make supposition into what human beings are convinced is their own personal reality.  There is no valid personal reality.  Personal reality does, however convincingly seem to human thought to exist and to be perfectly valid.  We are all sure of who we think we are.  But who is this “we” ?  Is this “we” God’s spiritual and perfect man, made in His spiritual image and likeness, or is he only supposition? Nothing, and nobody,  other than a general false human conviction, grants this personal reality any sense of validity at all.

The false and humanly educated conviction in the power of negativity is human kind’s downfall. It was Christ Jesus’ mission to reveal this to the world.

Only to the human mind, but never to the divine Mind, does a personal reality including both evil and goodness appear as valid.  To human beings, the human consciousness seems to be reality.  Yet, it is not.  All reality is spiritual, and is valid.  Unreality and matter are not spiritual but are mortal and temporal concepts, and are therefore invalid.






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Truth, the New Hate Speech

Since my acceptance of a position in the business world, I have had little time for contributions here.  But I had a short day today.

This was inspired by a post in Facebook which was headlined: Truth, The New Hate Speech.  I  just posted something similar to this earlier this morning. Allow me to reiterate. Those who believe that Liberalism and Christianity can coexist and support one another, are living in the world of the deception of evil. If this offends you, it is not at all surprising, because evil’s false identity is based upon a conviction in the deception that it is goodness. Evil is like negative numbers pretending to be positive, throwing you off track so that you will not see the correct solution.

Christianity and Liberalism CANNOT coexist, nor can they or do they ever support each other. They are diametrical opposites. A “liberal Christian” is deceiving both himself and those whom he would help. Unfortunately, from a human perspective, my own church has gone down the path of liberalism, and is therefore losing its mission and therefore its effectiveness.

Christianity versus Liberalism are equal to:

Christ versus the Anti-Christ. God versus Satan. Love versus e hatred. Positive reality versus negative hallucination. Immortal life versus the mortal life span of human beings. Those who believe God’s immortal being to be expressed in the human actions of socialistic government are misled, deceived by the devil himself. This is exactly where Christianity is going off track. Its followers are being deceived into believing they are doing the works of God when they are in fact doing Satan’s bidding, in so many words. Here’s how evil subtly presents itself:
The mortal human mind is deceived constantly by the influence of the false and materialistic belief systems of the world. This fact is the basis for the need for effective prayer and communion. We must enable the human mind to learn to recognize and reject deception. The objective of evil is to be seen and interpreted as goodness. Evil would have no leg to stand on if it could tell the truth about its own deceptive nature. But is CANNOT be anything other than deception, by definition of its own self.
The only chance that evil has for survival is for its deceptive lies to be believed. The un-illumined human mind comes constantly under the influence of this deception, and it mistakes its face value appearance for the image and likeness of perfect God. Consequently, the influence of evil convinces the human mind that what appear to be good intentions are good, when in fact they are evil in disguise. So, the best intentioned people get off track because they never realize when they have been duped.
Consequently, when Truth is spoken, evil objects vehemently, and then justifies itself by falsely insisting that the human identity through which the objection comes is really God’s spiritual man, when in fact it is only the false and mortal reversal of God’s identity , heard and interpreted falsely by the human mind as the real and valid identity of man. Evil ALWAYS lies. The human sense of identity is evil’s favorite place to operate, because there it can work under the guise of a false but believed validity, namely, self identity. Every human being can be made to falsely believe that he is righteous because every human mind unguarded renders itself susceptible to the influence of evil worldly belief. “Unguarded “ is the key word. Truly stand porter at the door of your own thought. Do not be deceived into believing that the feigned goodness in socialism is really goodness. It is really evil’s ultimate deception.
Therefore, NO good can come to fruition through the infringement of ANY God-granted rights. That includes free speech, the right to arms and self protection, the right to individual privacy, the right to care for one’s self as one chooses, and every other right that was defined by the Godly men who framed our Constitution. Do not be deceived into believing that rights can be traded for security. Real security resides with Truth itself.
If you have no idea what I am talking about, do not respond to this post. If you are a self-righteous Christian who insists that I am spewing hatred or nonsense, this post has just exposed you, and your response will be an obvious indication of the status of your very own human mind and what YOU are allowing to direct it.
And lastly, if you think this is too blunt, and unloving, then that’s just tough. Because the truth stands as valid for eternity, and evil will die its own natural death in proportion as it is recognized to be in an impossible opposition with the omnipotent power of the Truth, with what actually IS, namely, our Almighty God.


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Agree with Thine Adversary Quickly

Why does the mere mention of the necessity to correct the appearance of corrupt and evil behavior in high political office appear as an offense in itself to so many human beings who profess to live the Christ?  Is it wrong to expose evil corruption at the human level because we spiritually understand the nothingness of evil and the omnipotence of divine Love?    Or is the exposure and denouncement of evil an important element in its destruction?

Man the representative of God

Christian Scientists must take care to exercise the only power that exists, the power of Life, Truth, and Love.  God, by virtue of His omnipotence, eliminates the possibility of the existence of His opposition.  But how is that omnipotence exercised and carried out?  It is carried out by man, who is one with God, God being causation, man being effect.  Without man’s action, God would be unexpressed, and hence, no God.  But God IS, and therefore man must act in accord with God.   Christian Science teaches us that we must take the utmost care to understand spiritually the role which so-called mortal mind, the realm of the supposition of the reality of that which opposes infinite Allness, plays in conscious human experience.  The study of Christian Science teaches us that mortal mind must be realized and lived as invalid, as nothingness, as non-existent.  What does that realization entail?

Realize mortal mind’s nothingness

Evil seems to succeed in its subtlety only when human consciousness mistakes its wicked purpose for the false benevolence by which evil wants to be recognized.  Human consciousness is successful in its own dismissal of evil in proportion as the suppositional nature of mortal mind is consciously uncovered.  Undetected, evil lurks incognito in human consciousness.  The best intended human consciousness which has been kept in ignorance by the deception of evil unwittingly allows evil to continue to plant its seeds of deception, all the while seeming to cooperate with what seems to human senses to be the very best of intentions.  But in proportion as human consciousness awakens, through divinely conscious mental action, to the realization of the complete and utter nothingness of any possible opposition to God’s infinite Allness, is evil stripped of its imaginary pretensions.

Realize, live, express the invalidity of evil

In order to even begin to glimpse spiritual reality, what has to be faced in human consciousness is the phenomenon that in its own spiritually false but humanly true perspective, evil comes across as just as valid as is good.  In Spirit, in reality, evil is not valid. The material world is, however, itself defined by the general conscious belief of so-called mortals. The material world is but the conscious presentation of the manifestation of general belief.  Human consciousness, ignorant of the real, divine, spiritual nature of consciousness, conforms itself to all that it knows and all it has learned through human education – namely, the assumption of the necessity of the tyranny of susceptibility to so-called material laws of matter, which are in fact only the effect, the conscious by product of general human belief.  But there are, there can be, no external conditions to which real conscious experiences can be susceptible.  The Scientific Statement of Being (p 468 of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy, the discoverer and founder of Christian Science) tells us that

“All is infinite Mind and its infinite manifestation, for God is All-in-all.”

Consciousness is infinite Mind’s awareness of itself, expressed as man, and that self is infinitely all-inclusive, leaving no place for external conditions for there is and can be no exterior to Allness.

Why, then, does human consciousness insist that we are subject to what it interprets as external conditions?  That which human consciousness sees as external conditioning is in fact only generally accepted belief, or general false conviction, to be more specific.  General belief is the only enforcer of external laws or conditions, for there are and can be no conditions outside of God’s infinitude of goodness.

But we see them in experience!  Where do they reside?  That’s just it.  They do not reside anywhere, but exist as pure mental supposition.  Their supposed existence is without validity.  They reside in exactly the same mental real which believes that 2+2=5.  This is the realm of falsity, the realm of mortal mind.

Why does evil appear if it is invalid?

Because of the false general acceptance of mortal mind as the presenter of validity, evil makes an appearance in our experience and falsely  claims its own validity.  The very appearance of evil in human consciousness must therefore be firmly addressed if we would consciously find our way to the already present divine state of perfect consciousness.  The very appearance of evil in consciousness is indicating to us a low quality of entertained consciousness.  It cannot therefore be simply overlooked on the basis of our knowledge of its nothingness.  The very fact that it has appeared to us is a clear indicator of our false belief in its supposed somethingness.  Evil in our experience is  false general belief appearing in our own human consciousness.  Its presence is therefore a warning signal, which says to the astute observer, “Pay attention to the suppositions and the claims of mortal mind that are acting in your human consciousness, and root them out!”

If we let them go by simply paying no mind to them because we think we understand their inherent nothingness,  we have missed the boat.  To do so is to allow evil its own free reign in our own human consciousness, while we falsely believe that we have it under our thumb.  Hence we unwittingly render ourselves susceptible to the growth and experience of even more conscious evil experiences.

Agree with thine adversary quickly

Jesus said in Matthew 5:25

“Agree with thine adversary quickly, whiles thou art in the way with him; lest at any time the adversary deliver thee to the judge, and the judge deliver thee to the officer, and thou be cast into prison.”

What is our best response, then, when we encounter the human evidence of corruption within our human systems of government?  Should evil be simply left alone because we know it to be contrary to God , and therefore powerless?  Or must we take actions to expose it?  Must we not, as God’s man,  continually perform our duty as the very manifestation of God’s perfect law, and openly condemn and destroy corruption?  By leaving evil alone, we are giving it exactly what it wants.

The devil said to Jesus in Luke 4:34:

“ Let us alone; what have we to do with thee, thou Jesus of Nazareth? art thou come to destroy us? I know thee who thou art; the Holy One of God.”

By leaving evil alone, are we not allowing it to flourish and to continue uncondemned?  Let us work to continually agree with every adversary, lest it get the upper hand in our conscious experience.



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Non-Profit Group Asks for Help Benefiting Homeless and Hungry

Non-Profit Organization to Benefit the Homeless and the Hungry

A few days ago, I received a call from a Christian Scientist in the Los Angeles, CA area (Claremont, to be exact), Bridgitte Hart, who is in the beginning stages of organizing a new charitable group dedicated to the feeding of the hungry and the housing of those living on the streets who are in immediate dire need.  Her objective is to serve not just California, but the entire United States.  She only happens to reside in California.

Contributions to get this project off the ground are requested.   The immediate needs are to cover the legal costs of getting the organization formally and legally recognized, adding up to about $1000.   This is a non-denominational project with a Christian Science foundation.  Please contact me, and I will put you in direct contact with Bridgitte.   A related website may be forthcoming, but is not yet in work.

Mission Statement


Taking the Bible as our sufficient guide to eternal life, we, as professed followers of Jesus Christ, endeavor  to do the jobs he describes for us to do for the needy in Matthew 25 verses 34 to 46,  namely,  to house, feed, clothe, nurse and tend to those imprisoned by earthly conditions.   As servants of God, we know that we serve Him only as we serve the needs of our fellow man.  We are endeavoring to heal ourselves of our sins of omissions,  and of our lack of mercy compassion love and charity. by overcoming these sins of omissions with good deeds, and by letting divine Love shine through us.  As we do this,we are being transformed daily, and will awaken in Love’s image and likeness. As we express divine Love in these actions of love mercy and compassion, the healing of disease will surely follow.

Life Story of the Organizer and Founder

Bridgitte Hart, the organizer of this non-profit group,  shares with us her touching life story, related below.  Those interested in contributing to the success of her operation are asked to contact me.  I promised Bridgitte that I would publish her history and the objectives of her organization.


Dear Friends,

I would like to share with you some ideas that have grown out of my life experience that I hope will be of help to the Christian Science movement.

I grew up in postwar Germany . My father was a soldier who never came back from the war and my mother was admitted to a facility for the mentally ill soon after. I lived in Berlin with my sisters and brother in a bombed out apartment building. My brother was around 8 at the time and did a heroic job of keeping the family together and alive, even though it was so cold in the winter and there was no glass on the windows. Many, many children and women were in the same situation as we were, and it took years for the authorities to be able to come to our aid. I and my twin sister were the youngest in the family.

My brother worked so hard just to provide us with bare necessities that I was often left alone.  My mother had told us a little about Christianity before she was taken off to the facility. At times we were able to visit her there, but she never recognized us-. It made me wonder about God. Did He exist? One Christmas, when I was ten, while the city was still 80% destroyed from the war, snow was on the ground. It was bitterly cold and I was desperately lonely. Right there in that freezing apartment, I petitioned God to show Himself to me if He did exist. Immediately, the whole room started to glow with an immense Love which welled up within me. Tears of gratitude streamed down my face and I responded with: “May I be worthy to undo the sandals of Jesus.”

Though times continued to be terribly hard, nor did our mother ever seem to know us, during the next 20 years I never again felt such aloneness. Gradually, our brother found, first cardboard and then glass to put in the windows of the apartment and we had one small woodstove. Eventually, he got a job and then I got a job. While at my workplace one day, I found a Christian Science Herald. In it, I found the truth, reading the testimonies of healing. I thought, “This can heal my mother!” I found the name of a Christian Science practitioner who had gone underground during the Nazi era, when it was strictly forbidden to practice Christian Science. During the war, when even Bibles were sometime burned, Christian Science literature was forbidden. This practitioner had been visited by the Gestapo, who threatened to take him to prison if he did not heal them at once on the spot. They WERE healed and it frightened them so, that they fled from the office and he never saw them again.

The next time our mother came home by ambulance to visit us, though she still did not recognize us, I had the opportunity to take her to this practitioner. I was present when he addressed her. An atmosphere of light came into the room as he said to her, “You need to be an example for your children.” As they left the office, she said to me in a clear and lucid way, “That was a nice man.” Soon she was released from the asylum and remained in her right mind until her passing many years later.

I began to read Science and Health, emigrated to Canada, became a Mother Church member and took class instruction and began nurse’s training. I had married, and when I came home from taking class, I was so inspired that my husband, who was on crutches from an injury, was healed through my prayers. Others were healed too. I joined a First Church, Montreal and was a member for 15 years there.

After 11 years of marriage, my husband wanted children and we had none, so we were divorced. I had very little after the divorce, but a car and some necessities. Again, the bitterly cold Montreal winter was no place to live in a car. Because I was on the church Board, I knew the church had no benevolence fund or charitable services installed. I served as Reading Room librarian, but did not know my fellow members well enough to ask them to take me in, and no one offered. We only saw each other during church meetings and services.

When the temperature fell to 40 below, I turned to the Salvation Army for housing and warmth and feel that they saved my life. They had a shelter with warm and welcoming meals and a chapel that I could pray in.

From there, I began an itinerant life working in low wage jobs and never having a home of my own. I have met many homeless people and come to see that not all of them are “undeserving”. My life experience has made me long for a Christian Science organization that welcomes the poor and stranger and a mechanism in the Christian Science movement that allows its members to reach out as Jesus demanded us to do:

“For I was an hungered, and ye gave me meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink: I was a stranger, and ye took me in: Naked, and ye clothed me: I was sick, and ye visited me: I was in prison, and ye came unto me… Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.” Matt. 25:35-40.

I have watched the homeless population grow immensely and see the need both in this population, but also the need in the churches for more outreaching activities. Mrs. Eddy wrote,

“If the soft palm, upturned to a lordly salary, and architectural skill, making dome and spire tremulous with beauty, turn the poor and the stranger from the gate, they at the same time shut the door on progress.” SH 142:11-15

I feel we should have put into place long ago some kind of structure that would allow us to minister to those sick, homeless and needy who really are seekers and need a hand up. I feel that the lack of having done so could be one reason why so many Christian Science churches are now closing. They truly did shut the door on progress. Some, like me, could have benefited so by having a Christian Science atmosphere to surround me as I got back on my feet. Others have never heard of Christian Science, but are so ripe and ready for its blessings. But it is very hard to study and learn when you haven’t got a safe and warm and dry and light place to live.
In the days when I first looked around for such a place, there were many wealthy Christian Scientists who could help start such an organization: a Christian Science Good Samaritan home. Nowadays, it is harder to find such members, but still the need is greater than it has ever been. Those churches that still have their doors open, are you ministering to the needy in your communities? If so, you are obeying Mrs. Eddy’s demand. Telling the wanderers, as I heard so many times,  “Keep praying. It will get better,” is not enough.
Jesus’ included in his demands on Christians that we should love our neighbor as ourself. He told the consequences of not doing so in Matt 25:34-46. But he also gave a beloved parable about the Good Samaritan that shows us how and who we should serve. Sometimes we must go where the need is and do the hands on job of binding up the wounds and caring for our neighbor–who is anyone we encounter. You will notice that not only the fleshly ills were nursed by the Samaritan, but as the man was robbed, his economic ills were addressed when the Samaritan paid to shelter and care for the wounded man until he recovered.
Today, we are in a period of widespread economic unease. Charitableness is the job description of the Christian, according to Jesus. Will the Christian Science movement finally step up to its Christian obligation and provide a place for us to minister to needy people with Christian Science, instead of turning them down the street to the Salvation Army or some other organization?

Economic malaise in many communities has increased steadily in my travels. Many are without jobs and losing homes. Christian Science has so much to offer these people, some of whom are weary wanderers athirst in the desert. Not everyone will want what Christian Science has to offer, but many more do than are getting the opportunity to find it.

In We Knew Mary Baker Eddy, our Leader says, “If Christian Scientists are not aware of the need of the hour, Christian Science will again disappear under the rubble of the ages.” The need of the hour is to open our doors and our hearts to the poor and needy, not turn them away at the gate.
The Christian Science Monitor estimated that there are at least 642,000 homeless individuals in this country. Many of them live on cardboard boxes. Many are women. Many have children. 1 in five children in this country don’t get enough to eat.
As a foreigner and a woman, I know how difficult it is for women in this situation. Shelters are full of men with few places for women. Not all of them have substance abuse problems. They are just poor.
I believe that my life experience has prepared me to be able to minister to people in these situations. I often speak to homeless people and share my copies of Science and Health with them. But I long to have a Christian Science Good Samaritan Home to give these people a place to live and discover the Comforter for themselves.
I have developed and registered a “Non- Profit Organization” to begin the acquisition of such a home. I hope to provide a model for all Christian Science churches to have such an outreach plan for those needy in their own communities.

At this time I am applying to become a non-profit organization. All of this takes funding and I live on a fixed income. If this story has touches a chord with you, I hope you will contribute something to this organization–one I think should have been put in place long ago. It is one I believe Jesus calls us to do and Mrs. Eddy saw the need for. I hope also that you will consider opening the doors of your churches to help the many who are in need in your own communities.

Bridgitte Hart


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Humility – Humanly or Divinely Directed?

Human ego or I AM?

Practicing humility might to our human sense seem to present an impossible “catch 22” situation.  Human beings define themselves by their human ego, a sense of selfhood which is universally accepted by most of the world as the basic definition of personal identity.  But, is it?  In Christian Science terms, humility is the practice of suppressing the human ego and allowing it to be consciously replaced with an understanding of our higher divine and spiritual nature.  So, is it a human being who seeks to rise higher and to become spiritually humble, or is it the very spiritual essence of man’s identity, man as “I AM”, who humbles himself by understanding his identity already to be purely spiritual?  How could a human being righteously exercise the suppression of his own human identity?  This point of view is ultimately  self-destructive!

Do I, as a human being, understand and practice humility?  Or do, I, as the “I AM”, the spiritual image and likeness of God, humble myself by consciously rising above all mortal and human sense of myself?  Who is the human being which the world identifies as me?  Is he valid in the eyes of God? Have I correctly identified myself as the image and likeness of God?  If I answer “yes”, then am I really living up to my own claims?  Is my eternal essence represented by the limited and mortal human being called Stirling, who is born and dies, and subject to the limitations, sin, disease and death which define human life as the world knows it?

Or, is my true identity the complete essence of God reflected, existing eternally in divine consciousness, the spiritual image and likeness of God, separate from and mentally far above the human sense of consciousness?  Who and what brings the humility which brings healing to human experience?   Who must exercise the action of humility?  Is it the eternal spiritual man, or is it the mortal human being whom the world recognizes as my identity, who is humbled?   Humility is the sacrifice of all human sense of identity, of which the spiritual man by definition has none.

Proof comes with practice

Proof of the practicality of humility comes in degrees as we learn to understand who is humbled, and who does the humbling.  Humility cannot be an act or a decision carried out by a human being, for the result of humility is the very eradication of the human sense of identity, or human ego.  Real virtue does not belong to the human being, but is God’s virtue.  God is the only good. Real virtue belongs only to God, and is known as our own in proportion as we understand ourselves to be the very portal to divine consciousness, as a mental transparency for Truth itself.  Humility is God’s causation seen as man’s awareness of the divinity of consciousness, wiping away all false sense of consciousness.

In II Kings Chapter 5 is perhaps one of the most significant stories of humility in the Holy Bible.  The complete and instantaneous healing by Elisha of Naaman’s leprocy came only after Naaman allowed a renewed sense of spiritual identity to completely sacrifice the old human sense of ego.  The story is related primarily in verses 9 through 14:

“Naaman came with his horses and with his chariot, and stood at the door of the house of Elisha.  And Elisha sent a messenger unto him, saying, Go and wash in Jordan seven times, and thy flesh shall come again unto thee, and thou shalt be clean.  But Naaman was wroth, and went away, and said, Behold, I thought, He will surely come out to me, and stand, and call on the name of the Lord his God, and strike his hand over the place, and recover the leper.  Are not Abana and Pharpar, rivers of Damascus, better than all the waters of Israel?  May I not wash in them, and be clean?  So he turned and went away in a rage.  And his servants came near, and spake unto him, and said, My father, if the prophet had bid thee do some great thing, wouldest thou not have done it?  How much rather then, when he saith to thee, Wash, and be clean?  Then he went down, and washed himself seven times in Jordan, according to the man of God:  and his flesh came again like unto the flesh of a little child, and he was clean.”

How often we let our human sense of ego outline our preconceptions of experience, not understanding that all of conscious experience is actually the harmonious unfolding of the one divine Mind’s ideas.   Naaman needed to have thye humility to recognized that no unfolding occurs but that which is directed by Mind, God.  Spiritual man, being the very consciousness of that divine Mind expressed, consciously witnesses that harmonious unfolding in proportion as he lives and exercises his spiritual identity.  Then, man is the very expression of God’s harmonious action, and in that state of consciousness is able to recognize the invalidity of the supposed authority of a humanly based mind.  The necessity for the adoption of the most humble attitude as a prerequisite to healing is emphasized on page 275 of the Christian Science textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, where Mary Baker Eddy, the discoverer and founder of Christian Science writes

“No wisdom is wise but His wisdom; no truth is true, no love is lovely, no life is Life but the divine; no good is, but the good God bestows.”

The individual finds that harmony is his one and only valid state, in proportion as the human sense of being is consciously risen above.  Such an outlook not only renders human consciousness receptive to the acceptance of the already present harmony in the case of bodily well-being, it also renders thought receptive of the realization of harmony in each and every other aspect of conscious experience.

There is one divine Consciousness, not many human ones!

Many  striving to live an understanding of Christian Science fall into the common erroneous trap of seeing our own Christian Science movement as comprised of many separated human beings who each need to mentally arise and to better understand their spiritual relationships to God.  But there exists only one relationship to God.  That is the relationship of effect to cause which the one infinitely individualized expression of God, spiritual man, expresses.  To suppose that there are many individual human beings with many separated consciousnesses, each having need of elevating their understanding to the perception of their oneness with God, is to begin from a suppositional “old- Naaman” perspective.  The truly humbled man sees always outward and downward from the perspective of God.  He knows his inseparability from God.  There exists in human thought a great educated and habitual tendency to believe that we need to reach God by exercising a human will to sacrifice worldliness.  In truth we need not reach out and rise up to reach God, for we already reflect Him in all of His perfection, now and eternally.

Will addressed

In this concept lies the trickery in human analysis.  There is no human will.  All will is in and of God, and is experienced here and now by the active” I AM” identity of the spiritual man, reflecting all of the unlimited goodness of God in the infinite and all-inclusive realm of Spirit.  This real man thinks the only thoughts which are valid – divine thoughts.  The real man possesses nothing which need be sacrificed! The counterfeit and mortal man, not the spiritual man, must sacrifice a false sense of selfhood, and in proportion as this is done does the real man appear, and become manifest as all harmony unfolding in conscious experience.  The consciousness of our spiritual status is attained by virtue of the divine Mind’s thoughts in action expressed as spiritual man.  The ideal state of consciousness completely invalidates the supposititious mortal concept of man.

The standpoint of oneness with God versus the human standpoint of separation

The Christian Scientist stands apart from the world by understanding humility to be the rejection of the suppositional mortal nature of man.  This is accomplished practically by our exercising our sense of identity from the standpoint of God.

The theological traditionalist on the other hand, with the best of intentions, and as the result of centuries, even millennia, of human education, tradition, and history, ignorantly accepts the false and suppositional model of man, the Adam-man, as his identity.

Thereby he unwittingly sets up an unwanted mental wall of separation between his own sense of identity and God.  This mortal aspect of human consciousness which is ignorant of man’s inherent ability to rise above the deluded sense of identity, subjects itself to its own self created and invalid constraints, and entraps human experience in its own falsely perceived boundaries.  The Adam-man interprets and perceives his conscious identity as a human identity, as operating within a realm of self-limiting materiality.  The belief in materiality includes a deep but false conviction of God-sanctioned validity in so-called material law.

Relative to the Adam-man’s non-spiritual perspective, human beings are separated from Spirit - but this perspective is not God’s perspective – it is the human perspective of consciousness whose reality falsely flavored by the conditioning of limited, materialistic Adam-thought.  The undeniable fact that there is and can be no separation or isolation between any of the ideas of God and their manifestation, reveals the invalidity of the Adam-based human perspective, which is grounded in the belief that there could exist validity in the supposed opposite of God’s spiritual, eternal, perfect nature.

What is the opposite of spiritual, eternal, and perfect?  Is it not material, temporal, and flawed?  Is that not what the material and earthly world continually presents to conscious experience?  Only one of these contraries can be true.  Which one is the creation of God?  Which one is God’s opposite?  If we would find and know our eternal and spiritual nature, which one should we choose, the spiritual or the material?

To find our natural likeness with God, we must strive to stand apart from the material realm by exercising spiritual humility, by consciously being God’s man.  Humility exercised from a human perspective, humility seen from the false point of view of man separated from God who needs to rise up and reach out to God, as opposed to consciously exercising an eternal awareness of man’s identity inseparable from God –  can never reach its zenith.  Humility at its zenith will reveal that man is not at all and never has been human, but is purely and eternally divine. The final phases of humility necessarily include the destruction of any and all myths of the possibility of separation from God.


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