Awakening and Staying Awake to Evil Influence in World Politics

How can we awaken and stay alert to evil influence and corruption in world politics in a time of political turmoil? This post addresses this issue. It was prompted by the posting of a video, recorded in 1985, of an interview with a defected KGB agent.  This is, in the language of Christian Science, malicious animal magnetism on display.  If we don’t see evil influence in politics, and if we do not mentally defeat it, our human lives will experience it.

In some of the dialog below, I have borrowed the words of a fellow concerned Christian Scientist, who also posted and commented in Facebook on this same YouTube video.

In this 9 minute long edited segment of the complete interview, this former KGB agent discusses how to brainwash a nation. He breaks it down into 4 steps:


  1. Demoralize a nation.  He states that they were trained on how this can be done in  15-20 years.  It takes one or two generations to re-educate the youth, the adults of the future.  Marxist/Leninist thought has been operating on the demoralization in this country since the 1960s.
  2. Destabilize the nation.  This takes an additional 2-5 years to reach the next step.   You do this by stirring up controversy from within.  One important tactic is the creation of an unstable economy while promising the false comfort of a social utopia.
  3. Crisis.  Create multiple internal crises within that nation.  This is done by exploiting and/or subversively implementing disastrous events.
  4. Normalization.   Normalization is a nice term for the implementation of martial law in the name of having established “peace, peace, when there is no peace”.  (Jeremiah 6;14)

Being alert metaphysical thinkers, many Christian Scientists may (and many may not!) recognize that we are now at stage 3:  Crisis.

The following dialog originated is from fellow Facebook member  Leah Eselgroth Gold, and was contained in her  Facebook post referencing this very same video:

We can, and must,  do something about this.  Here is an excerpt from an article from a respected teacher of Christian Science, Thomas Hurley.  This excerpt simplifies and shows us how to handle this claim of malicious animal magnetism, Mr. Hurley wrote:

“One may ask, ‘Why take cognizance of resistance to truth when in the whole of God’s creation there is nothing opposed to Him?’  Because mortal mind, or error, claims to exist, claims to be the opposite of divine Mind, and to have presence, power, intelligence, and activity with which to resist Truth. Although these claims are utterly baseless, they cannot be ignored. A false claim ignored may produce as bad an effect as if it were accepted as valid.

“In order to be rendered powerless and of no effect, error’s claim of resistance to truth must be detected, rejected as false, and replaced with the realization of the allness and omnipotence of Truth, God. As this is done, the unfoldment of good will be progressively manifested in one’s experience.”

Now, Mr. Hurley is discussing resistance to truth, but we can focus on whatever falsehood is claiming presence. Like each of the 4 strategies identified here from the former KGB agent.. This agent reveals how surprised he was that accomplishing this task was so easy. Today, since we seem to be at ‘crisis’ mode by error’s design, those of us who are awake and enlightened should give this organized plan an organized rebuttal, because our Congress and leaders don’t yet have ‘this’ skill in hand…….so it’s up to us. Here’s the link to the ex KGB officer explaining subversion.

Let us take careful note what is going on!  Let us actively handle this claim.  Listen to this!! Demoralization, destabilization, then crisis! We are now somewhere between destabilization and crisis. The emotional backlash from senseless tragedies currently being exploited have reached even those who believe themselves to be aware. We are in crisis stage folks! Listen to what this man says! The most intelligent people will no longer listen to logic. Marxizt/Leneinist thought has been working on us for two generations! Wake up call!! Those who have already been mesmerized will refuse to believe….will refuse to listen to logic.

We Don’t Always See When We Are Being Manipulated By Evil

It’s subtle and easy to miss when evil is masquerading as good… even to the extent that we even think we are doing good!


We ARE being malpracticed, folks, and you may have allowed yourself to be more of a victim than you understand.”……..So we all need to take this insight seriously, and do daily defensive work for ourselves first, for our church and then for our country, whether that is the US or in Europe or Africa. World thought is under attack, let’s come to it’s rescue by using the special tools we have here within the teachings of Christian Science. Let’s stop ignoring error and handle it instead.

Let us  not stop at saying “This is just animal magnetism and therefore cannot hurt me.” What evil wants is to be left alone. Do not leave it alone! And let us not be smug in the belief that we have handled it!

The early Christians also did not know about animal magnetism. That is why Christian healing vanished from human experience for 1700 years until the discovery of Christian Science.

The citizens of Germany in the 1930s did not know about animal magnetism. That is why their government was taken over, with their own approval and support, by an evil dictator who promised a social utopia, and appeared to most of the citizenry in the beginning to be the savior of their nation.   Does anyone recognize history potentially repeating itself here?

We Often Justify Our Opinions by Following Other Humans or Human Organizations

It’s easy to look at other people or human organizations that we consider spiritually enlightened for our guidance, but we should only look to God for direction. That is a higher good than human opinion could ever be.


Human beings ignorant of the subtleties and dangers of animal magnetism do come under its influence, and no individual who recognizes himself as a human being is exempt from it. It matters not who we humanly are, or what benevolent human organizations we favor or are a part of, what our peers and friends at church believe, which news media outlets we believe to be reflecting truth, or what we might believe to be the God-based basis of what we presently humanly perceive to be goodness.   Human beings are wrong as often as they are right!  Let us examine our own political thought now, and do it carefully.  Do it metaphysically. T he subtle influence of animal magnetism leaves no margin for even one justification which conflicts with divine logic. The name of evil’s game is subtlety.

Mary Baker Eddy’s chapter entitled Animal Magnetism Unmasked in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, explains the operation of false mental influence.  Read this chapter carefully and thoroughly, especially with respect to those who believe it to be correct, loving, and in accordance with God’s law to be rallying for freedom-robbing gun control laws in response to the recent wave of violent crime. Especially note pages 104:29 through 105:21. And then decide who or what is the real cause of the appearance of violent evil criminal acts in our human society.  Metaphysical analysis reveals that violent action is definitely not caused by the presence physical weapons, but by mortal mind.

Read these words of Mary Baker Eddy (pages 104 and 105):

“Is it not clear that the human mind must move the body to a wicked act? Is not mortal mind the murderer? The hands, without mortal mind to direct them, could not commit a murder.”…..” Mortal mind, not matter, is the criminal in every case.”

Let us not fall for the deceptive false belief that the presence of a particular kind of material object influences the thoughts of mortals. In Christian Science, we learn that the exact inverse of that assumption is true!  Namely, that the thoughts of mortals influence the appearance of matter.  Never vice-versa.  Violent crime has its baseless cause in mortal mind, the inversion of divine Mind, and is empowered by animal magnetism. To blame matter is to falsely empower matter. The fervor to attack the wrong culprit, namely weaponry, matter, instead of mortal mind, is precisely what the evil mind desires.

If we think that we can cause human experience to be aligned with the divine by simply ignoring appearances of animal magnetism, we allow evil to win on the human scene. Let’s take care to be absolutely and completely  aware of the subtlety of evil influence, falsely claiming to operate as our divinely guided spiritual identity.




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5 comments on “Awakening and Staying Awake to Evil Influence in World Politics

  1. This is a very thoughtful post. Thanks for working through it for us.

    Have you read “People of the Lie” by M. Scott Peck? Eye-opening and provocative, too.

  2. Thank you, Lorn! I am not yet familiar with “People of the Lie” by M.Scott Peck. Thank you for adding the reference, and for following this blog.

  3. When I first began to pray about this video message revealing the intentionally directed animal magnetism against our country, I was led to pull some guidance from the writings of Mary Baker Eddy, and I found these:

    1. Misc. Writ. 348:8 When God bids one uncover iniquity, in order to exterminate it, one should lay it bare; and divine Love will bless this endeavor and those whom it reaches. “Nothing is hid that shall not be revealed.”

    2. Retrospection 64:24 It is scientific to abide in conscious harmony, in health-giving, deathless Truth and Love. To do this, mortals must first open their eyes to all the….. forms, methods, and subtlety of error, in order that the ….. error, may be destroyed; if this is not done, mortals will become the victims of error.

    3. My: 211:12 Animal magnetism, in its ascending steps of evil, entices its victim by unseen, silent arguments [aggressive mental suggestions]…… reversing the modes of good…… it impels mortal mind into error of thought, and tempts into the committal of acts foreign to the natural inclinations. The victims…… lend themselves as willing tools…… Animal magnetism fosters suspicious distrust where honor is due, fear where courage should be strongest, reliance where there should be avoidance, a belief in safety where there is most danger; and these miserable lies, poured constantly into his mind, fret and confuse it, spoiling that individual’s disposition, undermining his health, and sealing his doom, unless the cause of the mischief is found out and destroyed.

    4. S&H 252:8 A knowledge of error and of its operations must precede that understanding of Truth which destroys error, until the entire mortal, material error finally disappears….

    It’s this final counsel from Science and Health that we need to take more seriously. We are supposed to stay with it “UNTIL the entire mortal, material error disappears“. Since this important discussion reveals that our nation is in a crisis stemming from overt, intentionally directed malicious animal magnetism, we need to energetically counter this mental attack by putting up our own enlightened defense, and stay with it, until the ‘crisis’ is past. Which is why Stirling and I have brought the understanding of this crisis to your awareness. We can’t do this alone, we all need to come together in defense of our country. If you are patriotic, you will take this rallying cry seriously.

  4. And finally, as I too was thinking about patrioticism, note this rallying cry from Mary Baker Eddy within her Fourth of July remarks:

    Sunday Services on July Fourth
    Extempore Remarks from Miscellaneous Writings pg. 176
    The great theme so deeply and solemnly expounded by the preacher, has been exemplified in all ages, but chiefly in the great crises of nations or of the human race. It is then that supreme devotion to Principle has especially been called for and manifested. It is then that we learn a little more of the nothingness of evil, and more of the divine energies of good, and strive valiantly for the liberty of the sons of God.
    The day we celebrate reminds us of the heroes and 15heroines who counted not their own lives dear to them, when they sought the New England shores, not as the flying nor as conquerors, but, steadfast in faith and love, to build upon the rock of Christ, the true idea of God —  the supremacy of Spirit and the nothingness of matter. When first the Pilgrims planted their feet on Plymouth Rock, frozen ritual and creed should forever have melted away in the fire of love which came down from heaven. The Pilgrims came to establish a nation in true freedom, in the rights of conscience.
    But what of ourselves, and our times and obligations? Are we duly aware of our own great opportunities and responsibilities? Are we prepared to meet and improve them, to act up to the acme of divine energy wherewith we are armored?
    Never was there a more solemn and imperious call than God makes to us all, right here, for fervent devotion and an absolute consecration to the greatest and holiest of all causes. The hour is come. The great battle of Armageddon is upon us. The powers of evil are leagued together in secret conspiracy against the Lord and against His Christ, as expressed and operative in Christian Science. Large numbers, in desperate malice, are engaged day and night in organizing action against us. Their feeling and purpose are deadly, and they have sworn enmity against the lives of our standard-bearers.
    What will you do about it? Will you be equally in earnest for the truth? Will you doff your lavender-kid zeal, and become real and consecrated warriors? Will you give yourselves wholly and irrevocably to the great work of establishing the truth, the gospel, and the Science which are necessary to the salvation of the world from error, sin, disease, and death? Answer at once and practically, and answer aright!

  5. Thank you, Leah and Stirling for your alertness, study and prayer on the attack on this country and the world. I appreciate all the references. I have tried the past year to alert family and friends about the subtle and not so subtle attacks on our freedom. I will continue to pray.

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