Atheism an Impossibility by Definition

This article is in response to Florida’s governor Scott’s signing of a bill which “permits” students again to pray at public events.  For details, see

To pray is to mentally affirm, either silently or audibly, what you naturally feel is the source of your strength and being. It is beautiful, and is nothing more than that.

What is the source of offense at hearing another’s prayer? It is but the exercise of the selfish nature of offendee’s human belief. It is ugly, and is nothing more than that.

Considered from this true perspective, what IS the prohibition of prayer (in schools or under WHATEVER circumstance it is prohibited by law)? It is only the exertion of despotic human mind control, and is thus, in truth, impossible. This law is one step forwards, back towards sane and God-based thinking.

The atheist falsely believes and claims that he honors no God, but his gods are in fact many. The atheist believes himself to be subject to the many material conditions external to his being. Whatever happens, in the atheistic view, is out of control and subject to material law. If he assigns the power of a certain situation or condition of life to random material circumstance, then random material circumstance has BECOME his god. Material conditions ARE the atheists’s gods, whether or not he admits this. For in his view, he is subject to their conditions – material laws. In his mental systems, he must bow down to the demands of what a material law requires if he is to find supposed happiness or health. The atheist’s ONLY choice when he needs help, is to turn to human organizations designed to correct and control those material conditions. But what really DOES control our lives and the conditions of our situations? Anyone who has had the experience of turning a sad or tragic human situation into a happier one through prayer, is aware that it is OUR OWN mental conditions, and not the associated external material conditions, which are ultimately the controllers of our own happiness. What is the source of OUR mental conditions? Are they good or evil? Are they valid or invalid? Are we examining our thoughts before we entertain them?

Are we allowing material conditions to be OUR gods? Let us take care not to act as unwitting atheists! Material conditions continually,subtly, and falsely claim to be the controllers of our lives. But their source is in the HUMAN mind, and NOT in God, as is often claimed by the world, and by atheists who unwittingly regard matter to directly be THEIR god. We TRULY reside in the mental atmosphere of God’s protective love. We must make the mental effort to ensure that we are not permitting external conditions, apparently outside the realm of infinite God and goodness, to control us. Otherwise, like the atheist, we unwittingly trample on the First Commandment and fall victim to evil’s subtle nature, which continually dresses itself in the cloak of human goodness in its efforts to claim to be a part of God’s kingdom on earth.


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