Animal Magnetism: The Inversion of Divine Attraction

It is indeed encouraging that we hear so much talk within the Christian Science movement in recent times about recognizing and defeating animal magnetism.  The attention on this subject may signal the beginning of a much needed human wake-up call.  But, are we really awakening, or are we continuing to entertain consciousness in the human delusion that we have been awakened?  Are we aware that in its last stages, deceptive evil hides itself in many subtle cloaks of goodness?  Are we aware of evil’s hidden agenda to spread its destructive intentions in the form of deceptively benevolent human activities? How can we know the difference between real goodness, and the counterfeit goodness which is derived from the belief in forces supposed to be outside of God’s jurisdiction?

How can we overcome the belief in human control

We must actively take care to go much deeper than simple talk about animal magnetism.  We must go much deeper than simply humanly believing that we have exempted our thought from the negative influences of evil.  We must take care not to entertain the dangerous belief that, because evil is only the negation of God and is hence powerless, that we can simply ignore its claim to presence.  Evil must be actively denied, else it will appear to us as conscious experience.   If we naively say that we need not worry about the loss of Christian Science because we understand the unreality of evil, then why do we think that human experience excluded and lost divine healing for some 1700 years after the time of the early Christians, until Mary Baker Eddy brought divine Science back to man’s attention through the discovery and active demonstration of Christian Science?  We have a sacred task!  On page 448 of Science and Health, Mrs. Eddy writes:

“Evil which obtains in the bodily senses, but which the heart condemns, has no foundation; but if evil is uncondemned, it is undenied and nurtured.  Under such circumstances, to say that there is no evil, is an evil itself.”

Let us not let human history repeat itself once again.

Subtle evil quietly includes itself in the entire range of benevolently presented social laws, which, carefully examined in the light of divine Science, are found to be but counterfeit goodness.  Human-government managed welfare, and human, fear-based proposals for so-called laws of protection which violate man’s God-granted individual rights, which would remove such rights under the cloak of goodness, are current examples of subtle evil creeping into our human experience  in the form of socialistic influence upon American political thought.  Socialism is human thought.  Christian Science is not human thought.  In socialism, human organization, in the form of government, has been made into a god.  Then, it justifies itself by claiming a false alignment with the divine.  Are we going to nod our heads quietly in agreement with humanistic thought, or are we going to stand up for the omnipotence of divine government? Incorrect, evil human laws, while presented as virtuous, actually empower and justify the false belief in matter.  They would subtly lead man away from reliance on divine law, and encourage him to instead demand reliance upon materialistic and human law, in the form of human government.    They need to be called out, and now.

How to discern deception with pretense of good

Socialistic political policies encourage dependence upon human organization, not divine power. They discourage man’s dependence upon his Maker.   The belief in the goodness of human socialism misleads not only those called upon to direct our government into the arena of human law;  it also misleads those followers who unwittingly become its victims, who all the while wave their flag for the goodness that claims to be taking place in the form of human social action.  There is no goodness but the divine.  On page 275 of Science and Health Mrs. Eddy tells us:

“No wisdom is wise but His wisdom; no truth is true, no love is lovely, no life is Life but the divine; no good is, but the good God bestows”

Are we, then, to believe that the good which Godless, humanly based socialism spreads, is really good?

How is this influence of evil, presented as goodness, to be met? Our prayer must take us to the very spiritual core of our being, where we find ourselves in alignment with our only true identity, our spiritual identity.  Human factors and humanism have nothing at all to do with the operation of Christian Science.  They are, in fact, its very opposition. Our searching and self-purifying prayer must be thorough.  We cannot leave a mental stone unturned.  The study of Christian Science reveals that our conscious being is actually the very consciousness of God being expressed.  Reaching that understanding of our core identity reveals our natural dominion over all evil simply on the basis of its invalidity.

But, once again, how can we be assured that that we are living that divine identity?  How can we be assured that we are not living a false belief, a counterfeit of living in that divine identity?  Let us never pat ourselves on the back in the false assurance that we are living above the false influence of evil which has disguised itself as goodness!   In the chapter entitled “Animal Magnetism Unmasked”, on page 102, Mrs. Eddy writes:

“So secret are the present methods of animal magnetism, that they ensnare the age into indolence, and produce the very apathy on the subject which the criminal desires.”

Animal magnetism is the exact inversion of God’s divine attraction.  It is a mockery of God’s action.  Let us know clearly that no man can be malpracticed unless there is someone to act as the malpractitioner.  That “someone” is a nobody.  He is the false identity of man, the counterfeit identity of man who believes himself to be a humanly based mortal, operating in a realm supposedly separated from God.  That someone who malpractices is the “old man” as Paul puts it.

Let us instead actively be the man who we really are, the man of God’s creation, the fearless, spiritual, perfect man, always acting in the image and likeness of God Himself.  That is our true and only valid consciousness.



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  1. Stirling dear, I knew you would pray about earlier offerings on this subject of animal magnetism and come forth with your own insight and clarification. I cherish the time and thought you have taken to bring this posting to us now. This unfolding dialogue on the necessity of recognizing and then handling the various phases of animal magnetism in human experience is a necessary dialogue that then moves collective thought forward and with greater security. I feel this subject needs constant scrutiny and handling. As Mrs. Eddy wrote in her brief article Unseen Sin: “Two points of danger beset mankind; namely, making sin seem either too large or too little: if too large, we are in the darkness of all the ages, wherein the true sense of the unity of good and the unreality of evil is lost. If good is God, even as God is good, then good and evil can neither be coeval nor coequal, for God is All-in-all. This closes the argument of aught besides Him, aught else than good. If the sense of sin is too little, mortals are in danger of not seeing their own belief in sin, but of seeing too keenly their neighbor’s. Then they are beset with egotism and hypocrisy. Here Christian Scientists must be most watchful. Their habit of mental and audible protest against the reality of sin, tends to make sin less or more to them than to other people. They must either be overcoming sin in themselves, or they must not lose sight of sin; else they are self-deceived sinners of the worst sort. “ Misc. Writ: pg. 319

    • Thank you too, and you are also welcome, for all of the supportive comments so far. I also have just created a short YouTube video on the subject of animal magnetism as it relates to this post, which I will be inserting here as well.

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