And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me

One consciousness

We are learning in the study of Christian Science to be aware that there is one consciousness, and that that one is the one divine consciousness.  You can help others most by lifting up your own sense of self, from a sense of a human consciousness operating separately from God to the awareness of your individualized identity in the one divine consciousness.   By doing that you will be lifting them up as well.  Jesus said in  John 12:32And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me.”  Lift yourself consciously and you lift all of consciousness.

The human consciousness to which mortals become habitually accustomed falsely interprets identity as many separated consciousnesses, which seemingly operate independently of one another.  But they do not. To bring understanding to the comprehension of our oneness with God, it is most helpful to review exactly what being and consciousness mean.  In proportion as human thought is drawn closer to the perspective of God it is pulled farther away from the perspective of mortality, and the oneness of God and all of man as a single, cohesive, universal infinite unit is more clearly witnessed, and seen from the very standpoint of God Himself.   This spiritually witnessed understanding, deliberately applied to the interpretation of the human scene being experienced, brings a growing conscious awareness of a unified experience with God.

You are God expressed

The deliberate application of understanding to the situation at hand, practiced by you, IS God at work, exterminating error.  That is because you are the very awareness of God knowing that He exists.  You, and every man, are the effect of God reviewing His own infinite eternal perfect work.  Your conscious being is an irreplaceable and eternal element of the identity of God.

What you see, therefore, is only God.  What you see through mortal sense appears humanly as other separated men, women, children, persons, places, and things.   They are not separated from God or from one another.  None of that which you witness can be separated from you because all that you witness is one with you in one spiritual universal cohesive infinite unit, whether it comes to you in a positive and spiritual form or in a negative form.  There can be no persons, places or things separated from you because you are eternally within this infinite cohesive unit called God and man which has no boundaries or borders.  That “withinness” is real consciousness, the consciousness of every idea that IS, and which originates in the Mind if that which IS.

The only “outside” to this all-inclusive Mind  is therefore, logically, the consciousness of every idea that IS NOT.  That is exactly what makes that “withoutness” supposed.  The only outside to God is non-existent supposition.  It is not logical that we could be conscious of something that IS NOT.   That which IS NOT is known by the supposed man who is I AM NOT, namely, mortal man, nobody, nothingness.

All negativism is the effect of baseless hypnotic illusion

The mental witnessing of that which IS NOT is mesmeric illusion.  That which is true, IS.  If something IS NOT, then it is the opposite of something that is true, the opposite  of something that IS.   It is therefore the  belief of a lie.   To witness a lie and to interpret it as truth is defined as hypnotism.  The belief of an obvious lie is commonly illustrated as a phenomenon of human thought in public demonstrations of hypnotism.

If someone tells me, for instance, that there is a car in my driveway which is not actually there, and I go there to look for it, in my right mind I cannot be conscious of its presence with my real senses.  My real senses tell me the truth – that there is no car there.  But if mortal thought has been preconditioned by a hypnotist to indicate to me that a car is present when I receive a certain mental cue, then my mortal self will perceive the presence of a car that simply is not there.  Under hypnosis, I might even have a seemingly real hallucination of driving in that car.  Though human beings are unaware of the fact, so is every last bit of mortal thought entertained in the human mind.  All mortal thought, and therefore every material sensation is the truth reversed, and is deceptive, hypnotic, supposed belief of that which IS NOT.

Humans have to sort out the unreal from the real

Our job as Christian Scientists is to identify that which is spiritually and eternally substantial by sorting out that which is hypnotic belief and necessarily insubstantial from the spiritual and positive reality of truth, that which IS because it is true.  Material sense is the spokesman only for hypnotic belief, and inversely, “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” (Hebrews 11:1)

When consciousness is elevated, all of awareness is elevated, for there is only one consciousness.  Repeating our opening quotation,  Jesus said in  John 12:32 “And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me.”  Lift up yourself consciously and you lift all of consciousness.  Mrs. Eddy clearly demonstrated the omnipotence of the awareness of Love’s eternal presence when she unintentionally healed people who did not even ask to be treated!  Such illustrations indicate that your starting point must be within what you call your own consciousness.  In spiritual terms you are addressing your individualized identity with God, and not “your consciousness”, per se.

Your true thought in action is God’s healing thought

Your individualized identity IS the operation of divine consciousness.  Your thought in action IS God’s healing thought, the expansiveness of which exterminates error from the human experience. “The exterminator of error is the great truth that God, good, is the only Mind, and that the supposititious opposite of infinite Mind – called devil or evil – is not Mind, is not Truth, but error, without intelligence or reality.” (p 469 Science and Health with key to the Scriptures)


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  1. I am fully in agreement with what you teach. The last 5 days´s articles brought to my understanding as if they were 5 years.
    So I have no doubts that your awareness as individualized divine conciousness is lifting me up too.

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