An Excerpt from Psalms 139 Discussed: The Eternal nature of Spiritual Being Naturally Excludes Evil

A fact of human life of which humans are oftimes completely unaware, is that the material conditions reported to our senses are always invalid.  The truth of being can be found only in the realm of the spiritual and eternal,  which is and always has been present in our consciousness, albeit in human life disguised by the lies of evil.  Evil would present to us a limited material life, beginning with birth, including many material sufferings and joys, and ending in death.  This is not the reality of life, but is a distorted Adam-man, carnal mind interpretation of reality.  Prayer and pure Christian living teach us to allow our thought to be more consistently governed by, and aware of, the forever and uninvadable universe of God’s kingdom.  Here is where, ignorant to routine human sense -which is actually false belief-  we actually safely dwell.  The evidence is often quite contrary to the material human senses, which are but the receptors of the lies originating in a baseless false concept of ourselves, and grounded in evil.

What is this apparent thing which claims to dominate us, called evil?    Christ Jesus explained that evil, the devil, Satan, or whatever name we attach to that which is unlike God, is “a liar and the father of it”.  This means that it is without real entity.  A liar and the father of it!  Contemplate this!  A liar, evil, originates a lie.  Jesus explained clearly that evil, which originates the lie, is invalid in the first place – and is not an entity with the power to lie! It is only a lie possessing a self imposed power to lie.  Evil’s apparent entity or validity, accepted by human sense,  is only the result of its success in having had its lie believed.  In a 1958 article entitled “Right When – Right Then”, Christian Science teacher and author Paul Stark Seeley explains that “Evil, ever suppositional and false, has no capacity to relate itself to God or to aught that is of and in Him.  Evil’s every thought, condition, or sense of selfhood remains forever outside God’s allness – in falsity’s nothingness.”

Armed with this understanding, we can address evil with confident authority.  If we were having a nightmare in which we were being attacked by a formidable monster, which of the following solutions brings us actual safety?:  (1) To defeat the fear provoking monster by force in the dream, or (2),  to awaken from the dream?  The fact that evil is “a liar and the father of it” reveals that the appearance of evil, frightening and threatening as it may feel,  is actually a conviction of an erroneous assumption.  It can  only be eliminated by the elimination one’s false sense of its lying presence.  Affirmation of God’s completeness and Allness in one’s own consciousness is the driving force behind what will ultimately appear to the human experience as the defeat of evil.

As we learn through the Science of Christianity that that the frightening and material aspects of human experience have absolutely no connection with God, we begin to understand that they derive their seeming entity from evil’s convincing claims that life is finite, limited, endangered, susceptible to damage, conditioned by fear, subject to outside influences,  and all the etceteras one could add to this list which would imply the existence of characteristics contrary to infinite and perfect Love, divine Mind, all pervading good, which are the permanent and real qualities of reality.  God, good, being admitted to be the only possible cause and creator, and inhabiting an infinite realm, from whence could evil originate, and where could it reside?  There is no barrier or outside edge of infinity!

In Psams 139: 15,16  we read: “ My substance was not hid from thee, when I was made in secret, and curiously wrought in the lowest parts of the earth.  Thine eyes did see my substance, yet being unperfect; and in thy book all my members were written, which in continuance were fashioned, when as yet there was none of them.”  Mr. Seeley’s article expands upon an explanation which well describes the spirituality behind these lovely statements.

Mr.  Seeley says that “Evil’s number one lie is that it is a creative cause and has created you and me, through the processes of material parentage, to be mortals.  Here, it says, is the beginning of our material history.  Christian Science teaches one to answer:

‘Right when you say you were cause to me, you lie; for right then God, Spirit, Mind was my one and only parent, the eternally continuing source of all that is I.

‘Furthermore, right when you say I was being formed materially, right then I was existing as the spiritual, everlasting, individual manifestation of the one, causitive Mind.  As Christ Jesus put it, “Before Abraham was, I am” (John 8:58).  So say I to you, lying evil, before material generation ever seemed to material thought to be, my Christly, Godlike selfhood was already divinely conceived, coexisting with the eternal Ego, which it lives to express’ “.

As the depth of this understanding  that our natural and inherent state of complete dominion over the claims of evil – a natural and unavoidable consequence of the infinite nature of all pervasive goodness –  pervades our consciousness, we learn and are able to put into practice the fact that we each have the capability of gaining and continuously maintaining a state of complete dominion over every condition of evil, every disease, every  sinful condition, and ultimately over death.



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