Agree with Thine Adversary Quickly

Why does the mere mention of the necessity to correct the appearance of corrupt and evil behavior in high political office appear as an offense in itself to so many human beings who profess to live the Christ?  Is it wrong to expose evil corruption at the human level because we spiritually understand the nothingness of evil and the omnipotence of divine Love?    Or is the exposure and denouncement of evil an important element in its destruction?

Man the representative of God

Christian Scientists must take care to exercise the only power that exists, the power of Life, Truth, and Love.  God, by virtue of His omnipotence, eliminates the possibility of the existence of His opposition.  But how is that omnipotence exercised and carried out?  It is carried out by man, who is one with God, God being causation, man being effect.  Without man’s action, God would be unexpressed, and hence, no God.  But God IS, and therefore man must act in accord with God.   Christian Science teaches us that we must take the utmost care to understand spiritually the role which so-called mortal mind, the realm of the supposition of the reality of that which opposes infinite Allness, plays in conscious human experience.  The study of Christian Science teaches us that mortal mind must be realized and lived as invalid, as nothingness, as non-existent.  What does that realization entail?

Realize mortal mind’s nothingness

Evil seems to succeed in its subtlety only when human consciousness mistakes its wicked purpose for the false benevolence by which evil wants to be recognized.  Human consciousness is successful in its own dismissal of evil in proportion as the suppositional nature of mortal mind is consciously uncovered.  Undetected, evil lurks incognito in human consciousness.  The best intended human consciousness which has been kept in ignorance by the deception of evil unwittingly allows evil to continue to plant its seeds of deception, all the while seeming to cooperate with what seems to human senses to be the very best of intentions.  But in proportion as human consciousness awakens, through divinely conscious mental action, to the realization of the complete and utter nothingness of any possible opposition to God’s infinite Allness, is evil stripped of its imaginary pretensions.

Realize, live, express the invalidity of evil

In order to even begin to glimpse spiritual reality, what has to be faced in human consciousness is the phenomenon that in its own spiritually false but humanly true perspective, evil comes across as just as valid as is good.  In Spirit, in reality, evil is not valid. The material world is, however, itself defined by the general conscious belief of so-called mortals. The material world is but the conscious presentation of the manifestation of general belief.  Human consciousness, ignorant of the real, divine, spiritual nature of consciousness, conforms itself to all that it knows and all it has learned through human education – namely, the assumption of the necessity of the tyranny of susceptibility to so-called material laws of matter, which are in fact only the effect, the conscious by product of general human belief.  But there are, there can be, no external conditions to which real conscious experiences can be susceptible.  The Scientific Statement of Being (p 468 of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy, the discoverer and founder of Christian Science) tells us that

“All is infinite Mind and its infinite manifestation, for God is All-in-all.”

Consciousness is infinite Mind’s awareness of itself, expressed as man, and that self is infinitely all-inclusive, leaving no place for external conditions for there is and can be no exterior to Allness.

Why, then, does human consciousness insist that we are subject to what it interprets as external conditions?  That which human consciousness sees as external conditioning is in fact only generally accepted belief, or general false conviction, to be more specific.  General belief is the only enforcer of external laws or conditions, for there are and can be no conditions outside of God’s infinitude of goodness.

But we see them in experience!  Where do they reside?  That’s just it.  They do not reside anywhere, but exist as pure mental supposition.  Their supposed existence is without validity.  They reside in exactly the same mental real which believes that 2+2=5.  This is the realm of falsity, the realm of mortal mind.

Why does evil appear if it is invalid?

Because of the false general acceptance of mortal mind as the presenter of validity, evil makes an appearance in our experience and falsely  claims its own validity.  The very appearance of evil in human consciousness must therefore be firmly addressed if we would consciously find our way to the already present divine state of perfect consciousness.  The very appearance of evil in consciousness is indicating to us a low quality of entertained consciousness.  It cannot therefore be simply overlooked on the basis of our knowledge of its nothingness.  The very fact that it has appeared to us is a clear indicator of our false belief in its supposed somethingness.  Evil in our experience is  false general belief appearing in our own human consciousness.  Its presence is therefore a warning signal, which says to the astute observer, “Pay attention to the suppositions and the claims of mortal mind that are acting in your human consciousness, and root them out!”

If we let them go by simply paying no mind to them because we think we understand their inherent nothingness,  we have missed the boat.  To do so is to allow evil its own free reign in our own human consciousness, while we falsely believe that we have it under our thumb.  Hence we unwittingly render ourselves susceptible to the growth and experience of even more conscious evil experiences.

Agree with thine adversary quickly

Jesus said in Matthew 5:25

“Agree with thine adversary quickly, whiles thou art in the way with him; lest at any time the adversary deliver thee to the judge, and the judge deliver thee to the officer, and thou be cast into prison.”

What is our best response, then, when we encounter the human evidence of corruption within our human systems of government?  Should evil be simply left alone because we know it to be contrary to God , and therefore powerless?  Or must we take actions to expose it?  Must we not, as God’s man,  continually perform our duty as the very manifestation of God’s perfect law, and openly condemn and destroy corruption?  By leaving evil alone, we are giving it exactly what it wants.

The devil said to Jesus in Luke 4:34:

“ Let us alone; what have we to do with thee, thou Jesus of Nazareth? art thou come to destroy us? I know thee who thou art; the Holy One of God.”

By leaving evil alone, are we not allowing it to flourish and to continue uncondemned?  Let us work to continually agree with every adversary, lest it get the upper hand in our conscious experience.



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3 comments on “Agree with Thine Adversary Quickly

  1. Thank you, Stirling for what you and your wife do in the way of effort to help myself, and others. I greatly appreciate it!

  2. Hi Stirling !
    Great article on one of the most important issues if not the most.
    But, why do I always forget it lies when confronted with ontoward conditions ???
    Key words : validty/ invalidity
    Thank you very much.

  3. Thanks Stirling, for a well thought out and succinct summation of the sneakiness of mortal mind and the call to face wrong everywhere. I always enjoy your powerful writings. Fond regards, colleen

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