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I have been a formally class-taught Christian Scientist since 1993.  I  was listed in the Christian Science Journal from 2012 to 2015, but  returned to a part time healing practice during a period of life readjustment.

Scientifically directed prayer heals every difficulty – medical, moral, or life situation.  There is literally nothing that our deepest communion with God cannot bring to pass!  The power of God and prayer is universal, and your desire for treatment is unrelated to your religious views or your denomination, or to any other human factor.

You are invited to contact me by phone or email at any time to discuss your life situation.   If I miss your call or my mailbox is full,  please send an email.

My desire is that each reader benefits  from this website and blog.

Financial contributions can be made using the Paypal donation button located at the bottom of the right hand column of any page of the website outside of the blog area.   Thank you in advance!

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  1. Hello Stirling,

    We have a Christian Science CD for healing that you may find of value.


    Many blessings,

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