A New Birth – A Testimony of Gratitude

This is a short testimonial of gratitude for knowing God’s presence.  Kristen and I had for the last week or so been anxiously awaiting our yearling dairy goat, Tobin to give birth.  When I went out this morning to do a check on the goats, I noticed Tobin was not with them, so I went to the barn and found what I expected….a goat getting ready to give birth.  Usually goat births are quick and easy.  But Tobin looked very tired, somewhat frightened, and she also appeared to be in pain, as if she had been at this for quite some time.  A hoof was protruding from the birth canal, but when she pushed, nothing seemed to be happening.  She appeared to be out of breath and out of strength.

From that moment I began declaring that any discord appearing in the physical presentation simply does not represent the eternal harmony of the spiritual reality.  What we were witnessing here was the birth of a new idea of God, and I declared that it is impossible for an idea of God to be obstructed or damaged.  In the mean time, Kristen took the step of consulting with a friend who has extensive goat experience.  She said that when she pushed, we had to take hold of the single leg that was protruding and pull firmly.  I had already been doing this with little success.  I re-affirmed the fact that the harmony of God’s eternal action is the only life there is, and that therefore there need not be any fear.  At one point the hoof slipped almost back inside, but the next time she pushed, I held it firmly, pulling gently with each one of her pushes, and holding steady as the birth progressed.  The idea hit me that “a spiritual idea has not a single element of error, and this truth removes properly whatever is offensive.”  Then, just  the little head popped out, the rest of the body still inside, and the baby began to breathe right there in the birth canal.  Unusual for a goat birth, Tobin was now screaming in distress and pain, but I silently denounced the discord and did my best to calm her.  When Kristen arrived back to help, she prevented Tobin from walking away from me, and I held on firmly, both mentally, and to the baby’s leg.  Then with the next push the baby just slipped right out in one smooth movement.  I presented her to Tobin, and she immediately started cleaning him off.  We dried him carefully with towels and let his mother tend to him.  Within thirty minutes he was walking, like a normal baby goat does.

Birth is an unfolding to consciousness of God’s ever present perfection.  It is the appearance of an idea never before considered in our consciousness, but which lives in spiritual eternal perfection far above the mental realm of human consciousness.  The realization of this grand fact brings the present spiritual harmony to conscious experience, bringing joy to our lives, as this experience clearly indicated to me.

This sentence from Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures sums it up, from page 191:  “As a material, theoretical life-basis is found to be a misapprehension of existence, the spiritual and divine Principle of man dawns upon human thought, and leads it to “where the young child was,”even to the birth of a new-old idea, to the spiritual sense of being and of what Life includes.”

Thank you, dear Lord, for giving us the blessing of the ability to express and witness your harmony.  Thank you, Lord, for the appearance to the world of the eternal Christ power so clearly indicated in the life of our Master, Christ Jesus, and thank you, Lord, for bringing the return of trust in your omnipotent love to bring harmony to every human situation, through the inspirations and teachings re-introduced to the world through the teachings of Christian Science, via its discoverer and founder, Mary Baker Eddy.


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  1. Understanding in daily life. Wonderful. Thanks for sharing this testimony.
    I understand now that big, small, slow and fast are human words. God is always perfect and on time. No fear. Just what I needed to feed my spirit today.

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