Pamphlet: “Practical Christian Based Spiritual Healthcare – Curing the Incurable!”

This is also a trifold handout pamphlet.  The clip art and formatting was lost in the posting.

Practical Christian Based Spiritual Healthcare  –  Curing  the Incurable!

Have you or a loved one ever been faced with an overwhelmingly difficult situation, or a health issue just too big to face?  Have such difficulties ever caused you to doubt God and to wonder exactly what His purpose for you really is?  This pamphlet discusses God’s love from a perspective with which you might not yet be familiar – that of healing any and all human issues from a scientific Christian perspective.  You may also want to review the companion pamphlet on the subject of Christian Science.

What is a Christian Science Practitioner?

A Christian Science practitioner is a personal minister to the world – a continual living witness to God’s healing presence for every man, woman, and child in need.   Acting through holy Scriptural inspiration and a practiced scientific understanding of spiritual law, the Christian Science practitioner consistently and effectively calls on this deeper understanding of God to heal all sorts of human difficulties, on a confidential basis, through holy uplifting Christian prayer.  He does so through a developed understanding of the very same base of thought exercised by Jesus Christ, his disciples, the early Christians, and the Apostles.  After many centuries passed, during which is seemed that spiritual healing had vanished from the earth, this purely Christian system of spiritual healing made its first reappearance to the modern world in the year 1866.  Christian Science practitioners are independently employed ministers of God’s healing love. They earn their living from voluntary contributions and from payments of gratitude and appreciation for their selfless healing work.

What is the track record of Christian Science healing?

There are thousands upon thousands of documented cases of the healing of the most serious life threatening diseases,  acute and chronic, accidents, injuries, sinful situations, recovery and protection from natural disasters, etc., which have been formally documented and authenticated in Christian Science periodical publications since the year 1883.  This healing work continues to unfold every day.   Virtually every namable human difficulty or illness has probably already been healed by Christian Science treatment.  Thousands have been raised from the bed of death and from the couch of unbearable human pain through the application of Christian Science treatment.  Hundreds, perhaps thousands who had been kindly informed by the best medical physicians available, who had exhausted all known earthly possibilities for a medical cure, and had been told that their only remaining alternative was death, have defied such verdicts and in turn found complete and quick healing through Christian Science treatments!   And thousands of Christian Scientists live their everyday lives in peaceful assurance by relying only and exclusively upon the power of Christ to meet their every human need.

What is the Christian Scientist’s view about medical science and doctors?

Medical science is never to be discredited for its valiant human efforts to heal mankind through its accepted use of drugs and material methods.  It is a field of endeavor which ideally expresses compassion for the sick, and as such is held in high esteem by Christian Scientists.  Medical scientists approach the subject of healing from the perspective of purely physical observations.  Christian Science approaches healing, as did the ancient Christians including Jesus Christ himself, from a perspective of pure spiritual perception and in spite of physical observations.  Though medical science and Christian Science address healing from diametrically opposing mental perspectives, they share the common goal of compassionate healing.  In Christian Science one learns to practically and consistently understand and apply the spiritual axiom that death is never inevitable nor is death ever God’s will, and that healing can always be found spiritually by feeling and living and breathing the love of God.  Healing through scientific Christian prayer reveals that love is manifest as healing in the body when it is sincerely sought.   Christian Science boasts a 140 year track record of healing even the most fatal of diseases and the most terrible earthly conditions.  The power of God’s love, practically understood, is proven in Christian Science to be truly omnipotent.

Exactly how does this work?  Does a person have to believe and understand Christian Science to be healed?

To one in need of immediate healing, exactly how Christian Science heals is at first less important than are its assured results.  To explain and to understand scientific Christian healing thoroughly requires dedication and a sincere desire to know God in new and previously unexplored ways, but those who wish to be healed need not necessarily understand anything at all about its workings, as can be seen by examining almost every case of spiritual healing documented in the Bible!  Faith and a desire to be healed are the only requirements.  On the other hand, a sincere seeker of Truth who does want to further investigate and to gain a thorough understanding of Christian Science can be assured that a dedicated study of the Scriptures on the basis of Christian Science will open the Scriptures in many never before seen ways.

Where can I learn more about the ministry of Christian Science?

Christian Science practitioners authorized by the First Church of Christ, Scientist in Boston, MA, are located in the West Plains area and  in Springfield.   Call the contact number below for more information.   Information on Christian Science practitioners located throughout the world may also be found at the website of the First Church of Christ, Scientist at

 Is there a local Christian Science organization where I can interact with others?

Yes!  An informal Bible study group meets every Sunday afternoon.  The meeting is held from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM for the convenience of those who attend either morning or evening worship services.  Meetings are geared to the orientation of those new to Christian Science.  Everyone is welcome to join in the discussion and to actively participate.  Come and visit us at:

West Plains Christian Science Group
Ozarks Medical Center Foundation
401 S. Washington
West Plains, MO 65775

Call  Stirling Watts for Info:



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