West Plains Christian Science Group Meeting 08/05/12

West Plains Christian Science Group  Meeting  08/05/12 

Welcome to meeting number six!  This is roughly the agenda that we all think we want to follow, until it changes again by popular choice.  The emphasis is on lovingly welcoming visitors.


1.   Scriptural readings and correlative discussion from the Christian Science textbook.  (10 to 15 minutes, but longer with discussion.)  This week we will discuss a summary of the Lesson Sermon on Spirit.  Our format is open and invites interruption for discussion or praise.  For future reference and the convenience of those not at our meeting today, the readings will be:


The Bible                                           Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures


Genesis 1:4                                          503:28

Ephesians 5:  8,10                            481:2-4

Galatians 5: 13, 18                           264:24

I Corinthians 12: 13                         365:31

Luke 4: 14                                             316:7

Mark: 39-42                                        317: 6-8

186: 5-7

259: 17


2.   Silent Prayer and the Lord’s Prayer

3.  Participant presentations


i)                    Pamphlets on Christian Science and Christian Science practice from Stirling Watts.  These are designed as handouts for strangers, and as invitations to our meeting.  Comments and suggestions        for change are invited.  Stirling will present, and discussion will be open.  Please feel free to distribute them and to invite visitors!

The new pamphlets are also posted in Stirling’s blog and the website of his full time Christian Science healing practice, found online at www.stirlingwattscs.com.  On the blog are also many other related articles on Christian healing and thinking and prayer.

ii)                   Kristen Watts’ new blog articles on Oneness, and Fallen Man.  Kristen will present and discussion will be open.  Be sure to visit her new blog called www.godsoneness.com, as well as her older blog called www.throughspirit.com.

iii)                 Open floor for other presentations, if any.

iv)                 Next week’s readings will be presented by: ?????


4.   The meeting will be open to share testimonies of healing and/or discussion on spiritual enlightenment gained in prayer and study.  The room is available until 4 PM, but nobody will kick us out if we stay longer!

Thank you for coming and/or reviewing our agenda.  We hope to see you again next week at 2 PM at

OMC Foundation
401 S. Washington
West Plains, MO 65775


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